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Dear Friends,

Last week was another quiet week and we only did one session of Virtual Learning Journey for 45 new citizens, collaborating with MCCY and Empact. In addition, on Saturday morning, our senior member Waitong gave a short sharing for Ngee Ann Poly students on their panel discussion forum. Concurrently, we did a virtual learning journey of Marina Reservoir for our members and 17 members attended (see photos).

Starting from last week, we resumed our patrol activities complying with the Sports SG SMM regulation and all members turned up were fully vaccinated.

On Wednesday, 5 members did maintenance at Punggol Office and a boat patrol (see photos). The Punggol Waterway Park was very quiet with few people around. They picked up 2kg of litter, the majority of which were plastic items and 2 cans. On Thursday, two members did a bike patrol along Jurong PCN and also picked up 2kg of litter (see photos).

At the Kallang office, we had one group of bike patrol (5 pax) and one boat patrol (4 pax) on Saturday morning (see photos). The bike group found a lot of litter near Jalan Batu Carpark. Litter was also picked up along the patrol route from Kallang Riverside Park to Jalan Batu. They collected 6kg of litter in total, including 36 cans, 2 glass bottles, 6 masks and the rest were all plastic wastes (see photos). On the other hand, the boat patrol went to Kallang River and Singapore River. They collected a total of 15kg of litter from the water that was mainly plastic and 4 masks.

The Punggol team did a bike patrol and a boat patrol in the afternoon. There were 3 members who did bike patrol and 2 members who did boat patrol. The Punggol Waterway Park was relatively quiet due to overcast and raining. There was algae grown and litter found below Jewel Bridge opposite to station 3 (see photo). Along the waterways, many shared bicycles were not parked at the designated parking lots (see photos). The life buoys for station 46 and on the boardwalk were suspected to be vandalized (see photos). We noticed littering at the sand pit for the past few months, thus we put up an anti-littering poster on the nearby lamppost (see photo). In sum, the bike patrol collected only 1 kg of litter, including 4 cans and 5 masks. While the boat patrol picked up 10kg from the Punggol Waterways. They picked up 22 cans, 2 masks and the rest were all plastic bottles and plastic bags. 

On Sunday morning, there were more patrol groups at Kallang. A total of 22 members turned up for duties. There was one bike patrol group and one boat patrol group reported at 1000 AM and 1030 AM respectively. In addition, 3 members came and did gardening. The bike patrol group 1 covered Kallang Riverside Connector, Jalan Batu and Kampong Bugis. Lots of litter and unwanted big partition plywood were found near Kampong Bugis (See photos). The bike patrol group 2 took the regular route to Singapore Flyer and picked up most of the litter from the embankment near F1 pit and the Flyer (see photos). In total, the two bike patrol groups collected 15.5kg of litter, consisting of 22 used masks, 45 cans, 8 glass bottles and lots of plastic litter. At the same time, the two boat patrol groups went to Marina Bay area and Singapore River. Together, they also collected 15kg of litter from water, which includes about 20 cans, one sandal and different sorts of plastic litter (see photos).

The Jurong team also had 5 members come down for patrol. The 3 of them did a bike patrol and the other 2 did boat patrol (see photos). The Jurong Lake water was generally clean and the boat patrol group picked up 2.5kg. Many food packaging was left behind Fusion Spoon (see photos). The total litter collected last week at Jurong was 7.5 kg, including 3 masks, 5 cans and other plastic packaging.

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