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Dear Friends,

WWS successfully held our AGM 2021 with about 70 members attending online and offline. We also formed our new board members (2021/2023)via voting, passing of minutes (2020) and Financial Accounts and some Constitutional changes. More details about this AGM will be released in a separate post to our social media including our coming Annual Report.

Last week we did one CSR programme for 24 staff from Salesforce. They did cleanup on power boats and pedal boat (see photos). Probably due to recent frequent rains, lots of litter was washed into the water. The Salesforce participants collected almost 80kg of litter, consisting of 18 masks, 51 cans, 77 plastic bottles and other plastic items.

Punggol weekday patrol was conducted with 5 members on a boat (see photos). They sighted a patch of litter in front of the Punggol Waterway Point (see photos). They picked up 10kg of litter plastic including 12 plastic bottles and one green styrofoam toy plane  (see photos). Three members stayed back after the patrol to clean the boats and top up petrol.

On Thursday, another 5 members did boat patrol at Jurong Lake (see photos). The Jurong Lakeside Garden Park was very quiet with few people around, but the patrol group spotted one fisherman fishing using live bait. The water was very milky but a little litter was floating in the water. They only picked up 2kg of litter including one big plastic container (see photo).

Last Saturday, we had a smaller patrol group at Kallang. There were four members in each group doing boat patrol and bike patrol. The boat patrol group went up the Kallang River and picked up lots of litter from the riverbank near Bendemeer Road (see photos). They collected 20kg of litter, containing 10 masks, 25 plastic bottles and 32 cans. On the other hand, the bike patrol group took the regular route along Gardens By the Bay. They collected less litter, about 10kg, but picked up more masks (20 pieces) compared to the boat patrol group. 

In the afternoon, a total of 5 members did one boat patrol and one bike patrol at Punggol (see photos). The Punggol Waterways water was clean with pockets of litter in some areas. The bike patrol group engaged one foriegn worker for anti-littering, under Sumang Walk flyover. They found lots of litter next to the Sumang Walk in between to the EC piermount Grand construction site, along the old Punggol Road and next to BLK 316D in HDB area. Shared bikes were still parked around the park. They also reported a few damaged features in the park to NPark and received quick responses from NPark. In total, the two patrol groups collected 8.7kg of litter, including 4 masks, 18 cans and 15 plastic bottles (see photos).

On Sunday morning, 10 members came down to Kallang for duty. They did two groups of boat patrol (4 pax per group) and 2 members did pedal patrol (see photos). The two boat patrol groups picked up litter on the way from the WWS office towards Singapore River. The Singapore River was generally clean on Sunday morning. Members picked up some plastic bottles, cans and other plastic items, making up 10kg of litter in total. Whereas the 2 members on the pedal boat picked up 10kg of litter, which consisted mainly of plastic wrappers, along the shore area near WWS.

Due to the AGM on Sunday afternoon, 10 members did a Kayak patrol at Jurong Lake instead of regular patrol at Jurong in the afternoon (see photos). The Jurong lake waters was generally clean on the shoreline and most litter was found around the construction site. A total of 30kg of litter was collected, mainly plastics and cans plus 10 masks (see photos).

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