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Dear Friends,


“Our Important Partners, The Cleaning Force!”

While we concentrated on our mission and goals, the Waterways Watch Society did not forget one of our ‘important partners ‘- the Cleaning Force. With members’ contributions, we collected CNY Goodies and shared them with our migrant and cleaning work force. A simple gesture to say thank you and share with them the celebration of CNY.

We will continue to do what is right.

Last Thursday at Lakeside Garden an English couple was walking at the Jurong Lakeside Floating wetland and they saw what we were doing. They stopped and watched with interest and concern. They added that with so many rules and regulations, they were surprised to see the litter we picked from the bushes. The encounter was an opportunity for us to share with them our PUB Water Story and who we are and why we, Waterways Watch Society, are doing what we are doing.

Finally, Thank you for believing and supporting our effort.

Our CEO Mr Eugene Heng and Mr Ben Pike, Chief Operating Officer of  SWIRE SHIPPING officiated a Hand-Shake Ceremony acknowledging the donation of a pedal boat to Waterways Watch Society. We cannot thank enough for SWIRE SHIPPING and the many other donors in the past who have stepped forward to support us in our effort to spread the message of keeping our waterways clean and safe.

Summary of Activities conducted for the Week

In summary, the following activities were done for this week:

  1. We conducted 1 CSR programme which was attended by 12 participants and they collected a total of 53 kg of litter. 
  2. We conducted an Assembly Talk for 900 students and staff fromNorthoaks Primary School.
  3. We were invited to a Corporate CSR Day in which recognition was given to their staff and the participating NGOs for their contributions and involvement in community activities.
  4. This week a total of 61 members were involved for CSR/VIA programmes, talk, patrols, administration, housekeeping duties and training and, the total trash collected = 121 kg.
    • Boat Patrol. A total of 6 Boat patrols were carried out; 3 at Marina, 2 at Punggol and 1 at Lakeside.
    • Bike Patrol. A total of 2 Bike patrols were carried out  at Marina.
    • Foot Patrol. We conducted 1 Foot Patrol at Lakeside.
    • Pedal boat Patrol. 1 Pedal Boat patrols were conducted at Marina.

Once again, we thank all members and volunteers, who came for patrol or for facilitating the CSR/VIA programmes, for your time and dedication to the task.


  1. Educational Programmes

2. Volunteer Patrols & Activities

a. Marina

b. Punggol

c. Lakeside

d. Pang Sua Pond

e. Yishun Pond

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