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Dear Friends,


“Earth Week at Waterways Watch Society”

What did we find in our rivers this week?

Earth Day this year fell on Saturday of this week. How did we, at Waterways Watch Society, Celebrate? By doing what we usually do and continuing education, and taking action towards the environment! Protecting the planet should not be saved to a single day, but done every week, of every day, year round. So during this past Earth Week at Waterways, we were able to teach, spread awareness, and take action to our environment, in the form of virtual talks, assembly talks, and various cleanup activities at Waterways Watch Society to people of all ages.

Furthermore, despite Saturday being a public holiday, 18 members came down. They swept garden 1 and 2 of dried leaves, cleared the weeds around the vegetable garden, Re-pot our water lilies dragon boat pond (after being destroyed by the Otters), and cleared the Biodiversity Pond.

Thank you for our team for your hard work, and P&B for helping us make it possible!

So for this Earth Day, we aim to make Earth Day something that occurs everyday of every week of the entire year, to build a better, healthier, and brighter future for us all.

Summary of Activities conducted for the Week

In summary, the following activities were done for this week:

  • a. We conducted 9 CSR and 2 VIA programs which were attended by 2445 participants, and together they collected a total of 377 kg of litter.
  • b. This week a total of 96 members were involved in CSR/VIA programs, talk, patrols, administration, housekeeping duties, and training
  • c. The total trash collected by the patrol groups was 55 kg.
    • i. Boat Patrol. 5 boat patrols were carried out; 1 at Marina, 2 at Punggol, and 2 at Lakeside.
    • ii. Bike Patrol. A total of 2 Bike patrols were carried out; 1 at Marina, and 1 at Lakeside.
    • iii. Pedal boat Patrol. 2 Pedal Boat patrol was conducted at Marina.

Once again, we thank all members and volunteers, who came for patrol or for facilitating the CSR/VIA programs, for your time and dedication to the task.


1. Educational Programmes

2. Volunteer Patrols & Activities

     a. Marina

b. Punggol

  c. Lakeside

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