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Dear Friends,


“Effectiveness and Efficacy”

Picture on the left and middle were from Marina and the Picture on the left is from Jurong Lakeside.
Pictures depict the usage of fishing line and hook bins filled with general trash rather than serving its intended purpose.

If we aim to make a positive impact, it’s essential to ensure our efforts are effective. Day in and day out, we have diligently monitored the usage of the ‘Fishing Bin,’ and unfortunately, it’s clear that it’s not fulfilling its intended purpose. Rather, it’s undermining the whole situation.

We kindly request PUB to perhaps consider removing the ‘Fishing Bin.’ Despite its well-intentioned design and construction, it has proven ineffective. Both fishermen and the general public appear to be perplexed by its purpose. There appears a need to educate those who are regularly abusing these bins and nobody is paying attention to this.  

This issue highlights a larger problem – there are still individuals in Singapore who seem to misunderstand the purpose of our public bins and prefer to engage in unsuitable social behaviour. It underscores the need for better education in basic civic habits, and it’s disheartening for Singapore as a whole. We also question whether the creator of this idea has a compassionate understanding of the behaviour of our citizens.  Perhaps this is the main problem. 

Rather than solely installing bins, it’s essential to address the root cause of the issue, which is often a lack of awareness. It’s paramount that we not merely assume our citizens’ knowledge but actively educate and raise awareness about proper usage. Without understanding the why and purpose behind these bins, they may seem meaningless and futile. The real question, even in policy-making, should be: How can we effectively address the root issue here?  

Summary of Activities conducted for the Week

In summary, the following activities were done for this week:

  1. We conducted 5 CSR and 1 VIA programs which were attended by 240 participants, and together they collected a total of 163 kg of litter. It was a hectic week for us.
  2. This week a total of 112 members were involved in CSR/VIA programs, talk, patrols, administration, housekeeping duties, and training. 
  3. The total trash collected by the patrol groups was 45 kg. 
    • Boat Patrol. 2 boat patrols were carried out; 1 at Marina, and 1 at Punggol. 
    • Bike Patrol. A total of 1 Bike patrol was carried out; 1 at Marina.
    • Pedal boat Patrol. A total of 1 Pedal Boat Patrol was carried out at Marina.
    • Foot Patrol. No foot patrol was carried out.
    • Gardening. A team of 5 pax for gardening at Marina.

Once again, we sincerely thank all members and volunteers, who came for patrol or for facilitating the CSR/VIA programs, for your time and dedication to the task. Without your support we would not have been able to achieve this. Special mention to the teachers of Pathlight who came down in strength to participate in our kayak cleanup programme. Three cheers to the teachers, students and our facilitators! Young and old, we all must care for our environment. 


1. Educational Programmes

2. Volunteer Patrols & Activities

  a. Marina

b. Punggol

  c. Lakeside

d. Pang Sua Pond

No Patrol

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