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Dear Friends,


“Festive Season”

In the past week, the Waterways Watch Society has made commendable strides in its commitment to environmental stewardship. Despite challenges posed by the holiday season, we want to continue emphasizing our dedication to preserving the health and vitality of our local waterways. These initiatives not only contributed to the removal of significant amounts of waste but also fostered community engagement, inspiring individuals to take an active role in safeguarding the environment. Additionally, while patrols had to be momentarily halted on Christmas Eve, we remain steadfast in our mission to monitor and protect water bodies, ensuring a sustainable and pollution-free ecosystem.

As we navigate the festive season, the Waterways Watch Society urges everyone to reflect on the importance of our waterways. Our limited activities last week underscore the critical need for ongoing community support and participation. Through these collective efforts, we can foster a sense of responsibility and inspire positive change, creating a lasting impact on the health and resilience of our precious water ecosystems. Together, let us continue to champion the cause of environmental conservation and make strides toward a cleaner, healthier future for all.

In the spirit of camaraderie and appreciation, the Waterways Watch Society celebrated its dedicated staff during this festive season. To express gratitude for their unwavering commitment, a small staff lunch was organized for those working on the first day after Christmas! This gathering provided a moment of respite and camaraderie, fostering a sense of unity and acknowledging the hard work put in by the team, even during the holiday season. The event not only served as a token of appreciation but also strengthened the bonds within the organization, reinforcing the collaborative spirit that drives the Waterways Watch Society’s mission.

We wish everyone a very happy new year!

Summary of Activities conducted for the Week

In summary, the following activities were done for this week:

  1. We conducted 1 CSR and 2 VIA programs which were attended by 59 participants, and together they collected a total of 31 kg of litter. It was a hectic week for us.
  2. This week a total of 21 members were involved in CSR/VIA programs, talk, patrols, administration, housekeeping duties, and training.  Two new CVL members did their OJT with our leaders this weekend. 
  3. The total trash collected by the patrol groups was 53 kg. 
    • Boat Patrol. 2 boat patrols were carried out; 1 at Punggol and 1 at Marina.
    • Bike Patrol. A total of 1 Bike patrol was carried out; 1 at Marina.
    • Pedal boat Patrol.  No pedal boat patrol was carried out.
    • Foot Patrol. No footpatrol was carried out.
    • Gardening. A team of 1 pax for gardening at Marina for both Sunday and Saturday.

Once again, we sincerely thank all members and volunteers, who came for patrol or for facilitating the CSR/VIA programs, for your time and dedication to the task. Without your support we would not have been able to achieve this. Special mention to the teachers of Pathlight who came down in strength to participate in our kayak cleanup programme. Three cheers to the teachers, students and our facilitators! Young and old, we all must care for our environment. Sustainability is the only way forward.


1. Educational Programmes

2. Volunteer Patrols & Activities

  a. Marina

b. Punggol

  c. Lakeside

d. Pang Sua Pond

No Patrol.

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