Weekly Report 09 May 2017

Dear Friends,

We resume our hectic weekly programs this week even with the May Day public holiday. We did three River Monster Junior Programs over three days with Stamford American International School (SAIS – 120 kindergarten kids), a kayak and bike Learning Trail with Pioneer Junior College (40 pax), a Corporate Kayak with Moody (18 pax), a meeting with MOE Dairy Farm Camp to discuss potential sustainable partnerships, attended NWCDC’s “Keep Clean, Singapore” Launch, had a joint patrol for Punggol team with NParks (PCN) and LTA on Saturday, plus weekend patrols with 35 Members. There were 4 new members doing orientation this weekend. In the month of May so far, we have received five sign-ups for membership.


This week, we also did our very first Wheel-Chair tour with Mr. Ismail and family. It was a very successful event and all went well.

During the week, we continue to sight Fishing outside approved zones (at least 5 during the week and 8 on Sunday) and engaged 24 as part of our anti-littering outreach and engagement. No summons was issued. On Thursday, we also rescued a baby duckling from our pontoon area (see photos).

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