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Dear Friends,

The past week was an amazing week for Waterways Watch Society. It was one of our busiest week of the year and we had a total of 17 programmes, involving more than 1000 participants from corporates and schools. Overall, we collected a total of 388.92KG, where 60% of them are of plastic origin. A problem which we feel strongly needs to be urgently addressed by the government and people.

A total of 3 WWE Programmes session was delivered (with Jiemin Primary School, Northbrooks Secondary School and Kranji Secondary School), 4 River Monster Programmes (2 sessions for Tanjong Katong Secondary School, 1 session each for Northbrooks Secondary School and Farrer Park Primary School), 1 School Talk for Kranji Secondary School, and 3 Kayak Clean-Up sessions for National Junior College. In addition, under Corporate programmes, there was a beach clean-up at East Coast Park for Mondelez and another with Solvay (Pedal boat, Bicycle and Foot Cleanup programmes). Over the weekend, we had 1 Kayak Clean-up session with NVPC and 1 session with GUI Kayak Clean-Up programme.

Members also did well in supporting duties at Punggol and Marina. A total of 39 members were present during the weekend and punggol weekday duty. We had 5 new members doing their second orientation. Punggol patrol on Sunday was cancelled as leader had a minor accident and not able to lead. Garden crew was present both on Saturday and Sunday. This Sunday we also had a lunch-in prepared by some members.

We received a donation for our Kayak Clean-Up programs from Capital Group and we appreciate that more corporates are encouraged to consider donation or sponsorship with WWS. We hope there will be more such partnerships.

During a Kayak Clean-up programme, one of our members found a severely injured Red Eared Slider Terrapin that had swallowed a fishing hook. We handed it over to ACRES.

Sightings of PMDs and PEBs and Fishing still present in Punggol and Marina. There was a joint patrol with NParks and LTA on PMDs and PEBs at Punggol and our role was one facilitating responsible riding in the public park.

We were invited by the resident committee of The Terrace as recommended by NParks. Our Punggol branch staff did an engagement sharing with 29 residents of The Terrace. We hope this will enable us to have more direct contact with residents (stakeholders) and the sharing of our concerns and our mission.

Waterways Watch Society thanks PUB on the appreciation award which we received last weekend at the 10 Year Celebration of the Marina Barrage.

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