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Dear Friends,

While we started the year active, this  week was slowed down. We only had one Kayak activity under NYA Sponsorship – Love Our Waters but even then, the attendance for this free program was disappointing. Only 3 out of the 9 registered turned-up with few apologies. The week however did see a meeting with NVPC to finalise plans for their New Citizens Program commencing in April. We are also in the final stage of upgrading our River Rush Computer Game which we hope to offer players on Iphone, Andriod phone and the Internet when done.

We are still in the process of working out partnerships and new/renewal sponsorships with old and new corporates.

We have also finalized our new pricing for 2018 programs. On Saturday, we had our PUB Training on the use of Bodycam. 17 attended.

We have a total of 20 members on duty for Marina and 4 for Punggol on Sunday. Among them, we have a total of three new members who did their orientation and a group of five Temasek Poly Students from the Business Faculty.

Otters were again sighted in front of our office premises.

During the week a total of 11 were engaged for fishing during our weekly patrols. 4 Chinese students near Jewel bridge were advised to proceed to the fishing zone. 2 Singaporean fishermen were fishing near to the Marina floating platform. However, their race is unable to be identified as they are wearing masks.  We have advised and directed them to the fishing zone. 5 fishermen fishing with live bait were spotted at ABC, we have advised them to use artificial baits. 2 Indian foreigners were spotted with nets fishing at ABC, they saw us, never cast the net and then left the place. We have also engaged a female Singaporean in front of Central Mall who tried to release fish into the waters. We advised not to do so and she complied.

During our patrols, we have also engaged two Indian men on littering. They complied and left after disposing their litters properly. There were no engagements on smoking this week.

This year, WWS intends to hold their World Water Day (WWD) Family Carnival on a Sunday – 18th March 2018. The committee will be sending out and displaying posters soon.

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