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Dear Friends,

This week was another week of many activities for WWS. We managed two River Monster Junior programmes for Stamford American International School (SAIS) (90 pax) for pre-school kids, one KRILL Waterways Watch Explorer (WWE) programme for Hong Kah Primary School (sponsored by SPH) (36 pax), one assembly talk for Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School (sponsored by NWCDC) (300 pax) and a kayak and boat programme for Colugo Scouts (33 pax). There were two corporate programmes – one for our sponsor, Edrington, with 20 participants on boat, and one kayak and bike programme for 59 participants from Amex (introduced by Empact). Our CEO, Eugene Heng also attended the launch of donation drive by Laneige (third year supporting us). In addition, we met Counsellor Jessica from the USA to discuss about internship opportunities for overseas students from USA and also met OBS on their coming outdoor land event at our site. We also met Pamela (eco-enzyme) to discuss about potential future collaboration and also discussed with Adventurous Fellowship on their potential boat programme with WWS.

During the weekend, WWS had a total of 45 members (including 8 new members doing orientation). This also include 8 members who attended the eco-rider training for the Punggol Team on Saturday. For the week, we encountered two Chinese fishing at the Tong Nam Beach and engaged them (Wednesday, 2.30pm). Both of them complied. Our weekend patrol team reported no engagement for fishing outside the fishing zones or along Marina, whereas at Punggol, two groups of fishermen were engaged. Within this week, there were 8 individuals engaged for fishing.

In addition, an elderly man was sighted peeing at the corner of Block 4, when there are coffee shops around with toilet facilities (see photos). Our members had warned him not do to this sort of unhygienic act.

The weather was kind this week and we managed to complete all our Values-In-Action (VIA) programmes with schools and corporates. During the week, we also had another three sign-ups as new members. The total litter collected for the week from all our programmes is 73.51kg. More than 60% of the litter collected were of plastic origin. There were 48 anti-littering engagements done by our bike patrol members (see photos).

We are still seeing lots of PMDs and PEBs speeding in the park. On Saturday in Punggol, we sighted one speeding with pillion rider on a bike that was as big as a motorcycle. We hope that we can start engaging these riders once we have our authorised LTA Cards (9th June 2018). Indiscriminate parking of shared bikes is still a prevalent problem at Punggol (see photos).

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