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Dear Friends,   It was hectic for WWS this week. In total, we did one assembly talk for SPECTRA Secondary (120 pax) sponsored by North West Community Development Council (NWCDC), one River Monster programme (40 pax), three Waterways Watch Explorer learning trails – two sessions at Yishun Pond (80 pax) and one session of KRILL (40 pax) with SPECTRA Secondary. In addition, we had two back-to-back kayak programmes (Father and child) with Queenstown Primary School (38 pax in the first session and 34 pax in the second session). The weather was great during the week though it was hot on saturday. There were three safety boat support services during the week.

For the weekend, we were supposed to have two new members for Marina and Punggol but both did not turn up. There were a total of 34 members for Marina and Punggol on patrol this weekend. There were a total of seven fishing engagements this week (two at Punggol, three along Kampong Bugis and two along rochor river). There were a total of 69 individuals engaged on anti-littering.    Our weekend patrol members sighted lots of algae at our beach front and at MBS. A lot of litter was collected by our boat patrol at Marina. The fishermen at Sungei Kallang (the case reported two weeks ago) were sighted again near the toilet but we did not engage. We only reported to PUB straightaway. Our saturday bike patrol also sighted oil at the Cage and reported to NEA and PUB. Our Garden Crew worked on our CIB this sunday. 

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