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Dear Friends,   The week slowed down (and for the next week also). We had no programmes and administrative staff took time to clear their off-days and catch-up on backlogs. During the week, however, we did have potential clients from RBC, Manitou, another enquiry from Diageo, and FYP enquiries from Ngee Ann Polytechnic. A few school enquiries were also received. There were 7 safety boat support services this week including Glorious NDP Set-up.   During the week, we had a 2-man patrol at Punggol, who engaged a young adult who was playing with a remote control boat and was quite insistent (see video). He claims that he does it all the time with his friends and there was no sign displayed to show that it is not allowed. He had a tattoo on him and was aggressive. We reported this incident to Punggol Barrage. We are powerless.   We had a total of 21 members were on patrol during the weekend (Marina & Punggol). There was also three engagements on fishing on Sunday (Zone #2 with live bait) at Kallang and two engagement at Punggol who are fishing with a long net (confiscated). There was another fisherman spotted at Kallang Riverside Park on Saturday. Our weekend patrol also reported the sightings of brownish water coming from the cleaning of the Indoor Stadium into our reservoir (see photos) and what appears to be a leaking pipe at Mountbatten/Geylang River. Our patrol members also shared sightings of otters burrowing on the beach front near fishing zone 2 (see photos). Anti-littering engagements were done with 20 members of the public all around Kallang Riverside Park. However, our Punggol team reports a lot of cigarette butts left on the top roofing at Waterways Point (see photos). At Punggol, the Police vandalism sign next to the bike vending machine was also vandalised (see photo).

We signed on one intern for two months and lost one regular part-time staff who decided to work full-time in the commercial world. We are at present looking for two staff and conducting interviews. Our Punggol office staff did two patrols during the week and reported one problem with our Wally engine. Our WWS #2 gear box is still in workshop awaiting spare parts.  

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