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Dear Friends,

It is another lull week due to school holidays. This week, we only did one corporate kayaking programme coordinated by NVPC (35 pax). Our weekend patrol had 34 members, which includes 5 members who did weekday patrol at Punggol. We did four Safety Boat service this week. On Sunday, we also saw four new members doing boat orientation. Our boat patrol picked up lots of litter of plastic origin, both upstream and downstream. Our volunteers on boat patrol also rescued a live fish caught in a plastic bag. At Crawford, the litter situation is bad again. There were lots of litter stuck and the shallow waters are difficult for the cleaning boats to reach (see photos).

On Monday, 25th June 2018, our night patrol team (Camp Programme) sighted lots of personal items under Python’s bridge (see photos). We have reported it to Gardens.

On 26th June 2018 after the heavy downpour, one of the members of public reported to us at 1830hrs that there is bad silt pollution coming from the drain under Sheares bridge (see photos). Not sure if this is due to NDP or F1 construction work. We have reported it to PUB.

During the week, our volunteers engaged a total of 4 groups of fishermen at Marina side (one fishing group at the Flyer and two groups at Crawford Bridge). We also sighted two fishermen outside the zone of Kampong Bugis. We reported all the cases to PUB. A total of 15 individuals were engaged in anti-littering for the weekend. PMDs and PEBs continue to be sighted and in most cases, speeding. Our concerns for safety of other park users remain high. Our volunteers also engaged 2 individuals for smoking at Punggol.

During the week, we have also transferred our buggy to Punggol (finally) and it is now well-caged at the designated area built by NParks. Thank you NParks.

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