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Dear Friends,

It was a week of more Corporate events conducted than school events. We only had one school talk at Northbrooks Secondary School for 80 pax sponsored by Legend Shipping but a total of 5 Corporates. A Pedal boat and Boat Cleanup programme for Symantec Singapore Pte Ltd for 30 pax, another Boat Cleanup programme for BOC Aviation Limited for 20 pax, and three Kayak clean-up with Ascendas for 40 pax, Blackrock (Singapore) Limited for 37 pax and with Microsoft for 50 pax (who also had Bike and Foot Waterway Cleanup activity with us). There was also a talk at Punggol for CLC (35). The total amount of litter collected during the programmes this week was 116.5KG, of which over 60% were of plastic origin.

During the week, punggol did two weekday patrol (including house-keeping). For our weekend patrols for both punggol and marina office, we had a total of 32 members on duty including 8 new members doing orientation at Marina. One new member scheduled for Punggol had to postpone due to last minute personal reason.

There were 7 Safety Boat duties completed during the week. We also did some housekeeping for our CIB and Biodiversity Pond during the week and maintenance of all our solar lights and night lights. On Saturday, we sighted three pedal kayak around Kallang Basin and reported to PUB (one appeared to have no life vest on).

On Wednesday (17/10), we had a large group of dragon boaters using our beach front and they left some litter behind and the bins were overflowed with their post lunch packages.

There was also a run through kallang and kampong bugis by Civil Service Club (CSC) and we note early markings on the footpath and cones set-up (reported to Gardens and NParks).

We continue to sight PMDs and PEBs often in Punggol and Marina and sunday weekend patrol sighted many Shared-PMDs (E-Scooters) openly parked and on offer for use in public places around the Marina. (see photos). So far, Punggol patrol did not sight any such Shared-PMDs (E-Scooters).

There was a total of 18 fishing engagements made this week. Weekend patrols also engaged total of 146 pax on anti-littering along park connectors in Kallang. All were educated and advised to keep Singapore clean. All fishermen engaged complied although some appeared to have gone further away to carry-on fishing.

There was some construction material, with nails and a metal bar, left in the open space which we consider potentially dangerous items to park users. Not sure what event or construction company- beach front between Fountain and Duck Tour Exit.

There was also an abandoned trolley (lamp post 82-65, 8F entrance).

Surrounding areas along Marina under sheares bridge F1 side still have litter especially on the shoreline.

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