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Dear friends,

It was yet another very active week for Waterways Watch Society. This week, we had a total of 11 programmes, 7 school programmes, 2 Corporate programmes, 1 booth at North Constituency and National Environment Agency’s ECO Carnival and we had 1 Safety boat duty. We had 4 River Monster sessions with 2 sessions each with Farrer Park Primary School and Riverside Primary School. We had 1 Marina Clean-up session with Huamin Primary School and 1 session with WWE: LAH LAH with Northbrooks Secondary School. During the week, we had a Kayak and Pedal-boat Clean-up programme with Horizon Singapore Terminals Private Limited and a Kayak and Boat Clean-up programme with JTC. In total, we covered approximately 650 participants and over 100 visitors at our booth. We had an overnight camp at WWS with Geylang Methodist Primary School and appreciate the prompt approval from Gardens By the Bay.

A total of 35 members did weekend duty at Marina and 5 members did weekday duty at Punggol. A total of 5 new members did their orientation this weekend (2 marina and 3 Punggol). Garden crew was present this weekend also.

It was disappointing to be informed that we need to postpone the switch of our boats at punggol due to the paperwork required by PUB which we were not aware of. On the bright side, we thank PUB for the updated news on non-sport activities, kayak certification process with approved third parties (ensures proper transparency to all water users) and the future role of MPA. Fishing continues to be a challenge and our overnight camp last weekend sighted many night fishermen under sheares bridge. Weekend patrol had spotted lots of litter along jalan benaan kapal and a stack of tiles fallen down.

Our weekend patrol also sighted belongings, an unattended red bag and hard cardboards below Sir Arthur’s bridge above the pilling pipes which are evidence of the presence of an illegal home-stayer.  The bag was checked by our member and had been confirmed that there are no ticking clock sound from it.

PMDs and PEBs are still sighted within the park and night camp guard sighted a whole bunch speeding around midnight. Night guard sighted a shared Electric Scooter. It was nice to have a visit by Minister Yacoob, Mayor Denise Phua and team last Sunday early morning. We appreciate their support in our work.

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