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Dear friends,

It was another week of active sessions for WWS. This week, we had a total of 8 programs. We had 1 beach clean-up programme session with OCBC that was postponed due to bad weather on the morning of event and a Waterway Clean-up program that was postponed as well due to low sign up (ANZ). Apart from that, we delivered a total of 3 school programs and 5 corporate programmes. 2 WWE sessions were done with West Spring Primary School and Punggol Cove Primary School, 1 River Monster program with Changkat Changi Secondary School, and 5 programs mostly on Kayak and Bike Clean-up program with Salesforce, Virgin Active, Credit Suisse and Xiu Connections. There was 1 CLC talk at punggol for 50 participants (MND). This week, we collected a total of 153.9KG of litter where 60% were of plastic origin.

During this week, we had a total of 22 members (all at Marina) who came for Sunday patrol. There was no Weekend patrol in Punggol on Sunday as the patrol leader was on MC. However,  4 other members managed to complete two weekday patrols at punggol. Garden Crew also came down this week again on Saturday and Sunday. Sunday patrol members had home cooked spaghetti for lunch.

We had a very fruitful meeting with NParks with regards Jurong Lake and they are sponsoring part of our Site Office Containers- internal decor, electricity and water installation, outside decor and the top of roofs, etc. We thank NParks for such positive support. We have written to Nparks on the issues discussed at the meeting. For our Pontoon at Jurong, we have just received a quote from professional engineering and construction company costing us S$139,750 to build this. However, this was way above our affordability and would like to seek if PUB will be able to assist us in this please? The documentation requirement by PUB on our boat retrieval and launch at Punggol is causing us some delay on the paper work as the Crane Operator requires 2 hours for documentation. It is a tedious job and we are still working with them for the cost for Safety Team (S$400) and Safety Site Visit (S$500) besides crane use (S$400).

During this week, we had encountered a total of 1 fishing activity outside approved zones and fishing with live bait and 34 engagements on anti-littering was done this weekend. During one of the anti-littering engagements, we noticed that bags were left unattended at the shelter. We strongly advise the public to not leave their bags behind unattended. They complied and assure us that they will not do it again.

We still sight speeding PMDs and it is still a very common sight unfortunately.

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