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Dear Friends,

Holiday mood has come but at WWS, we still managed an MPA Talk (Trybe Singapore boys home), two L.O.V.E. Bike program at Punggol, two Kayak Clean-Up with OBS instructors and AIC and a Foot Clean-up with SWEAT GYM. We had two safety boat at Punggol for SAFRA Kayak Event. During this week, we collected a total of 97.43KG of litter, where 60% were of plastic origin.

During our weekend, we had a total of 29 members supporting our weekend patrols, 28 at Kallang and 1 at Punggol. 4 members supported 2 weekday patrols at our Punggol Branch.

During the week, our boats were all tidied-up to prepare for Countdown Duties and a site recce for the punggol boat switch with PUB and the Crane Operator. We hope to have this done over the next week or so assuming documentation in order and accepted by PUB.

PMDs and PEBs continue to be seen in our Parks (Punggol and Kallang) and very often speeding (especially PMDs). Fishing outside Fishing Zone still seen especially around the front and back of our office premises. We need more visible signages. However, there were no fishing and anti-littering engagements made during this weeks’ patrol.

During one of our clean up programs, our participants found a muddy backpack and an old Marigold packaging.

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