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Dear Friends,

We had a total of 4 programs this week. We start off the second week of January with 2 sessions of kayak and dragonboat programs with Splashaxis for students from NJC. We also had a lunch time talk with participants from National Heritage Board and a foot program with Bij Borja.  In addition we had 6 Safety Boat support mainly for post countdown work.

We were delighted to see our Garden crew members who came down this week to help out in maintenance for our garden. On Friday night at around 2230hrs, our CCTVs recorded footages of about a dozen or more people roaming around and checking outside of our premises and garden with torchlights. We suspect that they could be participating in some night treasure hunt as we had confirmed with NEA that they are not their officers.

On Sunday, our patrol picked-up about more than 40 beer ice buckets meant for beer under the hedge next to the restaurant Kilo. Disgraceful behaviour by the users or sellers.

This week, we managed to collect a total of 30KG of litter (including weekend patrols), where mostly of plastic origin.

This week, we had member patrols at both Marina and Punggol with 14 old and 3 new members in Marina and 2 at Punggol. There were 27 anti-littering engagement made and 5 fishing engagement made in total this week. No fishing engagement were made in Punggol.

Our patrol members in Punggol were glad to see that the park is relatively clean but it was quiet and no children playing, most probably because it was raining before the patrol.

This week, our Sunday Kallang Patrol team celebrated one of our member’s birthday and they had steamboat together for lunch.

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