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Dear Friends,

This week we had a good week. We had a total of 10 programmes (5 school programmes, 4 corporate programmes and 1 others). We had 3 assembly talk sessions for Punggol Primary School (MPA), Peicai Secondary School and Spectra Secondary School. We had a KRILL session with Fuchun Secondary School and a Kayak Cleanup programme for River Valley High School students. We had programmes for corporates such as Salesforce (Bicycle Trail), NEA (Kayak, Bicycle, Pedal Boat and Power boat), Diageo Singapore (Pedal boat, bicycle) and Wheelock properties (Bicycle, Waterway cleanup programme).  This week, we supported with 4 safety boat services, 2 interviews (1 with students from Raffles and the other was a MCCY intern on our work as an NGO. We like to thank NEA (Director Tony of Env. Public Health Operations and his staff) for signing-up our programe- Boat, Paddle Boat, Kayak and Bike. We appreciate such positive support. In total, we collected 165.3KG of litter (including those collected during patrols).

This week, we had the support from 61 of our members, where 46 members supported for programmes. We had bicycle and boat patrols in both our Marina and Punggol branches. Garden crew was down in full-force over the weekend. We had 108 anti-littering engagements to remind park users the importance of keeping our park clean of litters. Fishing along the reservoir is still a challenging issue here and 20 fishing engagements were made this week. Litters are still commonly sighted along the parks in both Kallang Riverside Park and Punggol Waterpoint.

Some of Sunday Patrol members at Marina helped out in beautifying our garden.

We were glad that the park is well utilised by park users doing yoga exercises and the usual weekend parties.

Bags of litter was sighted along the grass patch in Costa Rhu and 1 of them even contained faeces.

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