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Dear Friends,

Summary Of Activities

It is the March school holiday week, thus there were no school programmes. However, we managed to deliver 2 CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Programmes with Asahi Kasei (35 participants) on the bike and a Kayak Clean Up programme with YCS (50 participants).

We also participated in a panel discussion with 40 participants at NUS. In addition, we held a sharing session at Punggol for 46 CLC staff.

During the week, Mr Eugene Heng attended the SIT FYP Exhibition which showcased 2 of WWS Projects. He also met with some SIT students to discuss “The Recycle Bin Project.” The week was also meaningful as Mr Heng had sharing a discussion session with a potential corporate to cement partnership – SEACO. To end the week, the team did a total of 4 Safety Boat support services.

One of our LOVE programmes sponsored by OCBC as well as a corporate talk with Beam Global was cancelled at the very last minute.

Housekeeping Duties

In this slow week, we transferred our Jurong Gangway and Pontoon from SAFYC to Jurong Lake. Also, the team did some restoration work on land before installation planned for next week. Admin did a review of our First Aid Kits and registering of new Life Vests to be delivered for our Marina and Jurong.  All boats scheduled for Jurong are made ready including the PUB permit. During the week, we received confirmation of an anonymous donor plus a sponsor for our Bicycles for Jurong. This was good news and we hope to receive more such good news in the months ahead.

During the weekend, we had a strength of 31 volunteers were present at WWS (Kallang). There were 5 new members who attended the orientation. The World Water Day Carnival team has finalised all last minute outstanding for the 31st. March 2019. Please feel free to join us on this date! A total of 1 fisherman was educated for proper fishing ethics and 80 members of the public on Anti-Littering over the weekends.

A total of 67kg Litter was collected over the week.

Waterways Watch Society would like to thank PUB and NParks for their support in making Jurong Branch a reality. In-kind or in action, your approval is greatly appreciated for the setting up of our third branch. We hope to have our Container Office and Pontoon ready for operation over the next 2-3 weeks.

We also thank Gardens by the Bay for being tolerant and understanding with all the permit access into and out of our premises because logistic needs to move from Marina to our Jurong Branch.

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