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Dear Friends,

It was a short week with the 01st. May being Labour Day. However, we managed to do four Learning Trials for Punggol Cove Primary School at Lorong Halus (Lah Lah). One sponsored by Pratt and Whitney on their Green Apple Day. A total of 276 students participated (see photos). There was one corporate program on Kayak for Coca Cola, 28 staff were participated (See photos) and an NVPC Meeting to review our operation with new citizens commencing this new 2019 MOU.

At the same time we signed our MOU with OBS.

This week, on May Day, we had 22 members do Kayak and boat at Punggol Office. Great turn-up for the Punggol Team (refer photos).  This weekend we had 8 members turn-up for a members Kayak clean-up at Marina. We hope to have this as a regular program on a monthly basis for members.

Total members on weekend duty was 55. There was 3 safety boat duties done this week. 35 KG of litter was collected during program this week.

Punggol did two weekend patrol, six members presented.  For the week, 9 new members did orientation at Punggol and Marina.

There was no engagement in Fishing and Anti-Littering. Park area patrolled was reported to be quiet (see photo. However, Saturday patrol reported litter sighted near and under Sir Arthur’s bridge and at the Cage entrance (see photos). The underneath of Sheares Bridge at Passion Wave was seen dripping with water (reported to LTA- see photo).

Punggol still sight lots of bird droppings and irresponsible shared bikes left all over (see photos).

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