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Dear Friends,

It was another normal week for Waterways even though it was school holidays. We managed to have two coastal clean-ups this week- Epson (150) and Edenred (80) at beach@NSRCC. These two programs alone collected a total of over 700kgs.  In addition we had a corporate talk for Epson before the event at NSRCC. There was an MPA Talk for the National Sailing Centre(36), a kayak program for St. Regis (14) and a Bike Waterway Clean-Up with HDB for 40 of their staff as CSR.  On Saturday we held our monthly Kayak Program for NVPC with at total of 41 participants. In the afternoon, we held our in-house discussion/sharing session with all our Kayak facilitators to discuss SOP and improvements to the program, 16 members attended. This is important as we see more clients interest in Kayak Clean-Up. At that evening members of Waterways Watch celebrated the birthday of their CEO and Founder at our premises. CEO thanks all his friends and supporters. .

During the week we had one recce done for a corporate client and a discussion with AstraZeneca on some potential partnerships.

Over the week, we finally moved into our office at Lakeside Gardens (see photos) and hope to be fully operational before the end of July 2019. We are working on an official launch date. Repairing our boats have been quite costly and this week alone, we had three such cases.

This weekend, 25 members volunteered for the patrol, coming with two weekday patrols at Punggol (see photos). There was no safety boat support service done this week. No new members were able to do orientation this weekend.

There were 87 engagement  done on anti-littering and we reported 3 on fishing but no engagement. One net across the Sungei Kallang was caught in our engine and removed while another cut by us and release 8 fishes.  Total litter collected for the week was 785.5 kgs. We will be monitoring the effects on PMDs and PADs of the new regulations coming 1st July. We hope to play a more active role and we are discussing with LTA regarding this part of issues.

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