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Dear Friends,

It was a relatively quiet week for WWS being the school holidays. We only managed to do two corporate programs, Bike Waterway Clean-Up for 17 participants from Illumina and Coastal Clean-Up for 80 staff of ANZ. In addition, we had two recces with new corporate Makino Asia and NTU staff for their CSR respectively. We had a group of Temasek Students (5) who did two days of volunteer work with us- painting our bollards and helping in our Coastal Clean-Up. Thank you students.

During the week, we continue to prepare our final move to Lakeside Garden as our Container Office will be handed over to us this weekend, 16th June 2019.

During the week we noticed the park being quite empty. Bike patrol groups did a total of 6 engagements on anti-littering and 2 individual engaged on fishing below the flyer jetty (see photo). Boat patrol group sighted at least four groups of illegal fishing and one group all masked, appeared aggressive.

A total of 28 members did patrol this weekend, Punggol branch did two weekday patrol for the week. Weekend patrol at Punggol was cancelled because of no leader. One father and son joined joined us this weekend as new members. Two  new business links were introduced this week and we are working on them, one is with NDP and another one is a corporate event for August.

For the week we had three safety boat support service done.  During the week, bike patrol group encountered litter around Marina Bay Sand at the loading/unloading area (see photos). Appears no bin around the area according to our engagement with the people there. There was litter sighted at the Marina Bay Promontory as well.

Boat patrol report leaking brownish water from SR L4 (see photo). We picked-up a credit card near the Merlion that belongs to a Korean visitor, but we were unable to return to owner.

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