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Dear Friends,

First week of School Holidays but yet we managed to run three Kayak Waterways Clean-Up programs for schools: two programs for Manjusri Secondary School with 31 and 36 students respectively and one program for 31 teachers from Xinmin Primary School as their CSR. Other than these, we also did one program with Guardians of the Mother Earth on kayak for 27 participants; one Pedal Boat Waterways Clean-Up for 4 students from Bukit Batok Secondary School and one Power Boat Waterways Clean-Up for 9 participants from Google. We also had two recce done, one with Makino on potential CSR and one for our upcoming Try Amazing Race.

There was one Kayak Waterways Clean-Up program for Queenstown (parent/child) cancelled, due to low sign-up.

The weekend had a total of 39 members at Marina and 7 at Punggol on duty. Four new members did orientation at Punggol Branch. Four safety boat duty was done this week including some repair work on our lights and CIB Garden. CEO attended the book launch of “Our Home at the Kallang River”, however it was disappointing to see there was no mention or photo displayed of our WWS work at Kallang.

During the week, we had 32 engagement on anti-littering,  one on smoking and seven on Fishing. Two persons fishing at Jurong on the boardwalk near our office was sighted and reported to PUB. For the latest update on our lakeside gardens branch (Jurong), NParks confirm that they  will be able to handover to us this coming weekend, 15th June 2019. We will start planning for the moving of our furniture and assets the following week. Soft date for official opening probably sometime in July month.

A total of 135.7 kg was collected for the week.

Water continues to be challenged by litter problems especially after heavy rainfall. Our bike patrol group always sight lots of litter along their patrol route: under Sheares Bridge, outside Passion Wave. There was a broken office chair and unattended shared bikes left indiscriminately(see photos).

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