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Dear Friends,

Another fantastic week for Waterways. We had a total of 13 programs delivered plus four safety boat service. We had a school talk in Mandarin for Maha Bodhi School for 50 students, including 10 visiting students from Taiwan. We did two WWE at Lower Seletar for Ahmad Ibrahim Primary (65 pax), four River Monster program for Nan Hua Primary (294 pax), one RM Junior for JunYuan Primary (113 pax). For corporate and other organizations, we conducted two Kayak Waterways Clean-up programs for 105 students under OBS and one for 38 new citizens from NVPC, 8 staff from Akamari did a Pedal Boat Waterways Clean-up as their CSR and lastly, we have a talk for CLC at Punggol Waterways Branch. In addition, CEO attended the ceremony to receive our Star Award at the Gardens by the Bay and 6 members attended the Community Volunteer Event.

A total of 117.1kg was collected this week.

In the past week, 3 members did one weekday patrol in Punggol Branch. While, during the weekend, a total of 38 members joined the patrol in Marina, Punggol and Lakeside, including a total of 11 new members doing orientation. For the month of June 2019, we received 20 new applications via our membership website. More importantly, two applications were from two Jurong residents. This is encouraging news.

There were 46 engagement on anti-littering and two for fishing at Marina, and one fishing engaged at Punggol Waterways. Fishing zone in Lakeside were used by most of fishermen but one found outside the fishing zones. During last weekend, we engaged three PMD bike operators at the Flyer / MBS side. Understand they are U2272 compliance and they do have basic SOP for their renters before renting them out.  For Lakeside Gardens, we are also sighting a lot more cyclist, PMDs and PABs in restricted areas and some of the signages are not so clear

Clearer signages and probably enforcement needed. We will be submitting a more detailed report to NParks for further discussion as we ourselves are a little confused.

Weekend patrols report sightings of more litter along Punggol Waterways and patrol group at Marina reported sightings of litter behind Immigration Building and front of Boss Hotel. We have reported to DPC and also written to CCDC to seek their assistance in preventing such recurrences. We encourage more stakeholder’s ownership by the residents especially since bad littering can also result in potential mosquito breeding grounds.

Post NDP rehearsal, we see area cleaned however, on Saturday, our night patrol group sighted bins with uneaten bento sets (see photos). Concerned with the attraction of rats, cats and cockroaches if not cleared quickly.

This week, we wrote four letters to Foundations and Trust Funds seeking sponsorship or donation for our environmental work. With the Bicentennial 200 Year Celebration and matching opportunity, we like to take advantage of this special year offer.

Thank you, Daniel, and Jui Ming for completing my Robin Hood dining table from recycled wood. (see photo). It will be well used by our members from this week onwards!

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