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Dear Friends,

It was another week of hectic activities and programs for Waterways Watch. In total, we did 10 programs and 2 safety boat service.  There were two sessions of WWE at Lower Seletar for total 69 students from Ahmad Ibrahim Primary, two sessions of River Monster for 225 students from Woodlands Ring Primary School, one session of River Monster Junior for 137 students from Junyuan Primary School, two Assembly Talks for Woodlands Ring Primary School and Anglo Chinese School (Junior) covering 600 students in total. There were also three corporate programs. We did one Boat Waterway Clean-up with Air Liquide for their 5 staff, one Kayak Clean-up with NVPC (39 pax) and one jointWaterway Clean-Up with Thai Embassy and their volunteers (40 pax) for their annual event.  We had one recce done with KPMG for their beach and kayak program in September, which will involve 300 people and a media interview with Thai Media Radio Station.

During the week, Punggol Team did two weekday patrols, five members attended; and for the weekend, we had 35 volunteers coming down for Marina, Punggol and Lakeside. Lakeside Team had a boat training session for two of its new boat drivers. There were no new members this weekend because of the CSR VIA clean-up we had with the Thai Embassy. There was no punggol patrol this weekend.

During the week, we had three engagement on fishing and no anti-littering engagement. Total litter picked-up for the week was 116.6 kgs. of which mostly of plastic origin. Patrol now finding litter in the waters along punggol waterways and in Marina, usual sightings in hot spots especially at the dragon boat beach side and Jalan Kappa (see photos).

For the month of July, WWS hit another new record  with 24 new members applying.

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