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Dear Friends,

This week was slightly busier for WWS. We gave one Assembly Talk and one MPA talk for more than 1000 students from Naval Base Primary School and Bedok South Secondary School. We also set up one booth for Admiralty Primary School Annual MAD Event, covering about 500 students. On the other hand, we did two clean-up programs on foot for 15 scouts from Keming Primary and a family gathering activity for 20 people from personal contact. We also did CSR program for 12 pax from SalesForces on Pedal Boat, Bike Clean-up and another CSR for 25 pax from SLA (on bike)and ended the week with our sustainable partner NVPC with a Kayak cleanup for 39 pax.

A total of 43.6kg was collected this week.

In this week, nine members did two weekday boat patrols at Punggol Branch, one new boat driver keen to help during weekdays was given his driving orientation. Over the weekend, seven members did bike patrols and three new members were doing orientation at Punggol Branch; 22 members involved patrol at Kallang; however, Jurong Branch cancelled this round of patrol due to the heavy rain.The group of 5 did housekeeping.

There were 60 engagements on anti-littering and 6 engagement on illegal fishing at Kallang. Lots of litter was sighted in the water as well as near Jalan Kaapa area.

Saturday bike patrol sighted signs of people staying overnight underneath Sir Arthur’s Bridge.

Area surrounding drainage along Jin Benaan Kapal was reported to have lots of litter by both Saturday and Sunday patrol group. Taxi Stand near Kallang Theatre was found full of plastic bottles and has been cleaned up by members. Benches along Tanjong Ruh Promenade are prone to littered by park users, despite dustbins are few meters away (see photos). More anti-littering education is needed. Otter sign near lamppost A3/30 is not secured.

As in Punggol Waterways, litter was found on the platform in front of the fountain and some branches there needs to be trimmed. An OFO bike was found discarded near lamppost E12-B T-92 since Monday (See photo). The area under Punggol Road Bridge stained with pigeons dropping. No sign of stray dog this week.

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