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Dear Friends,

This week was another successful week for WWS. During this week, we did three programs with schools. We gave one MPA Talk to Hougang Secondary School (1500pax) and did one session of WWE at Punggol for Assumption Pathway School. We also set up one Outreaching Booth at Nan Hua Primary School, around 300 students visited our booth. As for the corporate, we did three Kayak Waterway Clean-up programs for The Travel Corporation (20 pax), Sembcorp Industries (60 pax) and Siemens (16 pax). We also did two Pedal-Boat Waterway Clean-up for Royal Bank of Canada and Sembcorp Industries, and one Power Boat Waterway Clean-up for Royal Bank of Canada.

On the booth that we set up for Nan Hua Primary School, we first time introduced two new interactive games: the “Upcycling Game”, using core of toilet rolls to make gift box and the “Recycling Game”, to teach students how to use the recycling bins properly. The trail was very successful, these two games were engaging to the students as a supplement to the 8 Rs story. Thus we consider to include them into our booth package.

In total, we collected 117kg of litter via our programs.

On the weekdays, three members did one boat patrol at Punggol. They noticed slight algae bloom and more trash been watched out by the rain. There was one bike abandoned at E5-11 W-144 (See photos).

Over the weekend, we have an exceptional turn up rate of members. On Saturday there were eight members present for patrol and another 12 members for two programs held. On Sunday, 22 members had patrol at Marina, six members and two new members did boat patrol at Punggol and 14 at Jurong Lakeside Garden. Thanks our members for your great support.

During Saturday patrol, members notices algae bloom along Kallang Riverside (See Picture). There was a rusted bike discarded on the embankment near Drainage Reserve in front of BLK 12. A blade was also found around this area, suspect it was discarded by fishermen. Patrolling members also went up to Boon Keng area. On the roof of one villa at Lor 3 Geylang, there was lots of plastic bottles (See photos). Members were concerned that those bottles may end up in the waterways in front of it.

On Sunday, Punggol boat patrol was temporarily  suspended due to heavy rain, and there was not much litter on the waterways. Two youths were educated about non-fishing near Jewel Bridge. On the other hand, at Marina, there were lots of rubbish around F1 pit station. At one tent in front of Flyer along, members picked 3kg of rubbish (See photo). Boat patrol went upstream of Singapore River collected lots of rubbish, mainly plastic bag. While, at Jurong Lakeside, 6 kgs of litter was picked up and a paint container was found near fishing zone. The glass cover of lamppost WS1-L1S1 damaged and dropped on the grass. Moreover, one PMD was speeding very fast in the Lakeside Garden, our senior members stop him and talk to him not to do so, the rider complied.

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