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Dear Friends,

This week was another busy week for WWS, we did eight programs in total. Singapore Police Force did their CSR on three modes: 20 of them did Kayak clean-up, 12 of them did Boat Clean-up and 13 of them did Foot Clean-up. Other than that, 80 new citizens with NVPC did back to back Kayak Clean-up. SMU (100 pax) and Cancer Can Gives 70 pax) did Coastal Clean-up on East Coast Beach respectively.

Additionally, eight staff from P&W came down to have a dry run for Tri-Amazing Race. Over the weekend, eight members completed their One Star Kayak course. Congratulation members! On Sunday, MCCY Media shot for New Citizens at WWS, two members provided kayak and boat facilitation.

Total litter collected for this week was 600 kg.

During this weekend, five members helped for the Saturday Kayak program and a total of 35 members turned up for patrol duties on Marina, Punggol and Jurong Lakeside.

On Saturday, bike patrol members reported lots of litter along route to Sports Hub near old PCG (see photo). Paths around Costa Rhu was hotspot for litter as usual; there were not only plastics but also cigarette butts and bear bottles. Fishing hooks and cutter were also found next railing of Rhu Cross (see photos). Members also sighted litter around floating platform and reported, one site was cleaned on the afternoon (see photos).

On Sunday morning, five members doing bike patrol and three new members having orientation at Marina. They found a heap of rubbish at lamppost A3/98, beside public toilet B, mainly empty water bottles, paper cups and boxes (see photos). Many rubbish was also sighted under Helix bridge, picked up by members. Members picked up 1.5kg litter, mainly plastic origin. In total, one fishing engagement and 20 anti-littering engagements were conducted.

On Sunday afternoon, Punggol group did bike patrol with four members and two new members having orientation. Near Punggol Waterway Point, litter was found on the roof next to wall fountain. A yellow step strip from the staircase dropped off near the wall fountain as well (see photo). In addition, water found full of litter on the waterway in front of the Waterway Point SC (see photo). Under the Punggol Road Bridge, an OFO shared bike was abandoned. The area was also stained with pigeons dropping and illegal feeding was observed (see photo). Two fishermen were engaged for illegal fishing at Jewel Bridge and Sunrise Bridge respectively. There was no sign of stray dog this week.

Also on Sunday afternoon for Lakeside, nine members did bike patrol and two new members attended bike orientation. Patrol went out after the rain. Patrol members sighted more rubbished in Jurong Lakeside Garden. A Yoga mat was abandoned near the boardwalk in front of WWS Container office, and a total of 10kg litter was picked up along the boardwalk until PA. There is no dustbin at viewing platform near Fusion Spoon. Trash and fishing hook was also found left behind at the fishing zone decks. One fisherman was engaged for fishing at the slop next fishing zone deck. Additionally, there was water ponding in front of Water Venture (see photo).

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