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Dear Friends,

This is another busy week for WWS. We did eight programs in total, mostly for corporate. We did two Kayak Waterway Clean-up for 20 Staff from Credit Suisse and 24 participants from Rotaract Club. Beam Global Asia did Coastal Clean-up at Coney Island with 50 participants and 26 staff from Rotaract Club did Waterway Clean-up on Boat. As for schools, 100 students doing their OBS did two Kayak programs, 40 students and parents from Shaws Preschool did one River Monster Junior and 31 teaching staff from NTU did Boat Waterways Clean-up as well.

In addition, on Saturday WWS had a meeting with volunteer leaders about Tri-Amazing Race.

On Sunday afternoon, CEO attended Booth and Talk section of Luring By the Bay Fishing Competition and gave some sharing. About close to 140 participants.. (see photo).

Total litter picked during program this week is 245kg.

During this week, seven members from Punggol team did two weekday patrols at Punggol Waterway and  four members from Punggol team supported Coney Island Coastal Clean-up. Over the weekend, eight members did bike patrol and nine members turn up to support programs at Marina on Saturday Morning. Patrol at Marina and Jurong were cancelled, eight members did an afternoon patrol at Singapore Flyer on foot instead. Also on Sunday afternoon, two existing members from Punggol team did bike patrol and two new members attended bike orientation at Punggol Waterway.

At Punggol Waterways, some plants were sighted blocking bicycle path near lamppost E5A-1-6/E-529 (see photos). Whats’more, safety buoy at Station 54 was gone, reported to PUB Punggol. Sunday bike patrol members also found the area under the Punggol Road Bridge was still stained by pigeon droppings. There was no sign of stray dog this week.

During Saturday bike patrol at Marina, some cans and soft drink bottle was found abandoned near the PA Dragon Boat launching area (see photos). Cardboard, live baits and rubbish was left behind by illegal fisherman at the jetty under Merdeka Bridge opposite WWS (see photos). Suspected narcotic activities at the same spot (see photo). Members also noticed rubbish on the boardwalk in front of Sports Hub and the nearby dust bin was not cleared for some time. Rubbish appeared in the drains along Cage again. Members recommend to paint double yellow line there, as the rubbish are mainly thrown by drivers parked along the cage. In comparison, further up the road where has double yellow lines, there is no rubbish spotted in the drain.

On Sunday afternoon, 140 fishermen participated the Luring By the Bay Fishing Competition. Members noticed lots of Red Bull cans on the ground behind fishermen, spoke to the organiser to clear up and they complied.

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