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Dear Friends,

It was one fantastic week for Waterways. We ended the week  with our Annual Try-Amazing Race for our sustainable partner Pratt and Whitney. A total of 21 teams participated(126) plus many supporters were present. We had over 45 volunteers supporting and managing the event. Starting with Kayak race, passing the baton to the runners and finally to the bikers. All three activities were with an environmental learning lesson at the stop sites. Well done to everyone and thank you PUB, Gardens and NParks for the approval and support. (see photos).

During the week, Waterways conducted 12 programs for schools and other organizations. We did two kayak sessions for 99 students with OBS as usual, one Kayak Clean-up program for 30 ANZA Scouts and supported one kayak program for 18 beneficiaries from Rainbow Center at Jurong Lakeside. We did the last two sessions for Farrer Park Primary School, 57 students participated. Other than that, we gave one Assembly Talk to West Spring Primary School 600 students, one WWE at Lower Seletar Reservoir for 25 students from Naval Base Primary School and conducted a Foot Waterway Clean up program for 180 students from Huamin Primary School. As for corporates, 20 staff of American Express did  Boat Waterway Clean-up and 16 staff of Salesforce Singapore did one Bike Waterway Clean-up as their CSR program. We also did one Boat Waterway Clean-up for Empact, the new vendor taking over NVPC, for their orientation to WWS programs. During the week we had 5 safety boat service provided to water users.

Total litter collected during programs was 116.5kg.

Over the week, we had a meeting with Temasek Poly Students to discuss their community service in December. Invited by Fernvale Primary School, WWS sent two members to be the judges for their Annual Greennova Event, to assess their students’ showcase project works.

This week, Punggol Team did one weekday patrol at Punggol Waterways and found one abandoned bike near Lamppost E5-7 W-162. Saturday Patrol at Marina was cancelled due to Tri-Amazing Race. On Sunday morning, 8 members did bike patrol at Marina and one new member doing orientation. Empty water bottles and paper cups were left on the grass after some running event (see photos). Two small coffins were found in water under Merdeka Bridge- reported and disposed by PUB contractor (see photos). We also noticed that after the recent Fishing event, we appear to have many more fishing sightings outside the approved zones. Not sure if related or coincidental, but the increase is very obvious. Sunday patrol collected 0.5kg rubbish and mainly plastic bottles. 

On the afternoon, four members did bike patrol at Punggol Waterways, including one member first time joined patrol after three years. Welcome back! At Punggol Waterways, they found litter again on the glass roof next to wall fountain and a lot of cigarette butts next to the lift to galley (see photos). Area under Punggol Road Bridge was stained with pigeons dropping badly and many pigeons nested under the road too. This week, there was no sign of stray dogs and wild boars. There were three engagements on smoking at the illegal smoking area.  Litter collected was 1kg.

Also on this afternoon at Jurong Lakeside Garden, nine members did patrol on bike. After Rasau Walk toward swimming pool direction, members found two fish in a plastic bag. Members released two fish into the lake, one swam again but another one did make it (see photos). Around this area, boom trapped a lot of bottles and one football (see photo). At Heron park area, many cigarette butts were found on the ground. Members reported to park security a bucket with hats, boots under the heron park bridge and they acknowledged. There were three fishing engagement, both on not using artificial bait and fishing outside fishing zone. Trash was picked up along the bike patrol route. Total weight of trash collected at 8kg.

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