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Dear Friends

This was another fantastic week for WWS, we managed to conduct 13 programs for schools and organizations. For Schools, we conducted one WWE at Pang Sua Pond and one at Lower Seletar Reservoir, a total of 112 students attended. There were 77 students from Shuqun Primary School that also did WWE  at Lorong Halus Wetland and we also guided this group of students to tour and discover around Coney Island. Other than that, 18 students from Presbterian High School did Kayak Waterway Clean-up as their VIA program. On the other hand, 90 students with OBS and 73 new citizens did Kayak Waterway Clean-up as usual. As for corporates, 30 staff from UL International did their CSR on foot and picked up 75kg litter from Kallang Riverside Park. KPMG sent 200 staff to do coastal clean-up on East Coast Beach and CEO gave them a talk few days before the clean-up event. 80 staff from Maybank also did coastal clean-up at East Coast Beach.

During the week, CEO gave a CLC Talk at Punggol and attended Public Service Conference as a panel speaker and shared information with 300 Senior Civil Service personnel. WWS had a meeting with OBS people to discuss our collaboration on 2020 and streamlining some SOP with their new Staff.

Total litter collected during this week program is 311kg.

During weekdays, Punggol team did two patrols at Punggol Waterways. They spotted stray dogs at sand pit near WWS Punggol Office (see photo). We do have some health concerns here

And recommend perhaps doing a low fence to prevent the stray dogs and otters from playing and depositing in this same area for children to play in.

Over the weekend at Kallang Office, four members did bike patrol on Saturday; five members did bike patrol and six members did boat patrol on Sunday morning. On Sunday afternoon, seven members and one child did bike patrol at Jurong Lakeside Garden and two members did patrol at Punggol Waterways.

Saturday patrol group noticed a cover of electrical box 2-3L was damaged, the location is below Benjamin Sheares Bridge next to Passion Wave @ Marina Bay (see photos). They also sighted a lot of rubbish tucked by the plants at the water edge opposite sand volleyball pitch, next to Kallang Wave Mall (see photos). On Sunday, tourist areas around Marina Reservoir such as the Singapore Flyer, Esplanade and Merlion, Marina Bay Sand and Gardens By the Bay, were all quite and clean. In fact patrol reported very low turn-out of public and visitors.  No engagement was done. The crew picked up 2kg litter, which was mainly plastic bottles (see photo). While, members on boat also reported water was generally clean, except at the upper stream of Singapore River, some plastic litter was picked up (see photos).

At Jurong Lake, members picked up litter in the water along the boardwalks and engaged park users to clear and bin their litter. There was no fisherman at Jurong Lake this Sunday. The total litter collected at Jurong was 10kg.

At Punggol Waterways, patrol members noticed that electric box in front of the fountain was kept open (see photo). The area under Punggol Road Bridge was still stained with Pigeon without any improvement (see photo). Near the Sunrise Bridge, some registration tickets were littered on the ground. The logo on the tickets stated “Tri-Factor Triathlon” (see photos). We strongly suggest that NParks or whoever giving the EO the permit to hold the event be held accountable and strong warning given to them.  Such ir-responsible behaviour by users of public parks for enjoyment is not acceptable.

No sign of stray dogs and wild boars during this round of patrol. In total, 1kg of litter was collected, compressing mainly plastics and one broken tablet (see photo); two fishermen were engaged for using live baits and fishing outside fishing zone.

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