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Dear Friends,

This week was a normal week for WWS, and we did seven programs in total. OBS finished their last round of Kayak Waterway Clean-up Program 2019 with us, and 96 students came for the program. NVPC did their regular back-to-back Kayak Waterway Clean-up Program for 80 new citizens. Other than that, a total of 40 staff from Taylor & Francis did waterways clean-up on bike and on foot as their CSR; and 100 participants from SEAS did Coastal Clean-up at East Coast Beach. No school programs were done as the school holiday seasons begin.

In total, 137.5 Kg litter was collected during this week.

This week Punggol team did two weekday patrols with the help of three members. One fishing engagement was conducted, another case fishing using live bait was sighted only (See photo). Over the weekend, three members at Punggol, six members at Jurong Lakeside and 17 members at Marina turned up for weekend duty. Unfortunately, only Marina branch managed to go out for patrols as Punggol and Jurong Branches cancelled the patrol due to heavy downpour. On Saturday, members sighted lots of rubbish in the water and on the shore near Dragon Boat Beach (see photos). In front of Sports Hub, litter was also found on the stairs facing reservoir. At the corner opposite beach volleyball playground,  rubbish in the water was not cleared for weeks (see photos). What’s more, many beer bottles were left on the ground near Costa Rhu area. On Sunday, water was found very dirty near Dragon Boat Beach. Earlier in the morning, Kallang Riverside Park was quiet and clean with few park users. Later around noon time, members spotted litter flying out from many occupied shelters due to strong winds. In total, 130 pax of anti-littering engagements and two illegal fishing engagements were conducted. One group of fishermen (4 Indians even defied our member when approached saying that the whole marina was a fishing zone. We reported to PUB). Members also collected 2kg of litter, mainly plastic bags and plastic bottles (see photos). While boat patrol reported clean and clear at Singapore River and Marina Channel.

This weekend (Sunday), members also sighted gambling under Pavillion #2 (Kallang Riverside Park) with cash being transacted. This is the first time after a long absence of cash gambling.

Something to be aware of and to monitor.

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