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Dear Friends,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. It was  the week before Christmas, and WWS focused on doing year end housekeeping and cleaning. We only did one regular Kayak Waterway Clean-up Program for 40 participants (NVPC) on Saturday, and they collected a total of 14kg litter.

There was also a visit by SUSS to discuss about their CSR and we did a support role for OBS doing their trial mudskipper vessel in Kallang Basin.

As for the members patrol, Punggol Branch did one boat patrol and one bike patrol during weekdays with two members respectively. They reported minimal litter along the waterway during both patrol and one stray dog sighted near lamppost E5-11/W202 on 20th Dec 2019 (see photo).

Over weekends, members conducted patrols at three branches. On Saturday morning, three members did bike patrol at Kallang. They found a lot of bottles discarded at the jetty at Dragon Boat Beach and under Merdeka Bridge(see photos). When passing by floating platform, they spotted a mineral bottle been blown into the water. The areas was also blocked by some public event (see photos). Patrol also reported that embankment between Benjamin’s Sheares Bridge and duck tour launching area was very dirty, probably due to the continuous downpour over the past few days(see photos). On Sunday morning, eight members did boat patrol (2 boats) in Marina Reservoir. Water and river bank area along Kallang River was very dirty (see photos). They collected 10kg rubbish in total, mainly plastic bags, plastic bottles and cans (see photos); and spotted many fishermen fishing along Kallang River. Most moved off when  sighting our boats.

At Punggol Branch, four members did a bike patrol on Saturday afternoon. They did not sight any wild boar and stray dog, but area under Punggol Road Bridge was still stained with pigeon droppings. They engaged one young Malay boy fishing illegally near The Terrace Condo and patrol picked up 1kg of plastic rubbish. On the other hand, four members from Jurong team also did a bike patrol at Jurong Lakeside Garden on Sunday afternoon. They engaged four fishermen using live bait and five publics seating on the dangerous slope, all of them complied. They found tools beside tree left behind by contractor near lamppost WS2-3 L1S2 T1N3 and picked up 6.4kg rubbish in total. Last but not least, during the patrol, members spotted a big group of birds flying across the sky, they were Asian Openbill Stork (see photo).

A boat patrol at Lakeside was done by three other members.

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