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Dear Friends,

This week WWS was free from program and enjoyed the Christmas break. By taking this chance, we rearranged our office to have a new outlook for the new year 2020.  However, members patrols were carried out at three branches as usual and a small Christmas Lunch was held on Sunday.

At Punggol Waterways, two members did one boat patrol on Friday morning and two members did bike patrol on Saturday afternoon. During these two patrols, a total of 1.5 kg plastic was picked up. On Saturday afternoon, members engaged two underage teenagers who were smoking in the non-smoking area next to the Waterway Points, they complied(see photo). They also found water pounding near lamppost E9-7/T-140 and building materials discarded at lamppost E14-1-2 E-16 (see photos). During the Christmas Week, the Bike Station next to our Punggol Office was again vandalized.  We have video recordings of the suspected vandals and have submitted copy of recording to the Police.

On Saturday morning, bike patrol was conducted at Kallang Branch with seven members participating and one member brought her family from New York to visit our office and also joined our Bike patrol. During patrol, they found one inflatable sleeping bed hanging on CCTV pole in the fishing zone near Sir Arthur Bridge Geylang Road Side (see photos). Lots of litter was sighted, left behind around the table near Dragon Boat Beach and a lot of litter accumulated at the corner below jetty next to Merdeka Bridge (see photos). Moreover, the corner opposite the beach volleyball pit at the sports hub also had some accumulated litter (see photos). On Sunday morning, six members did a walking patrol around Kallang and followed by a members’ Christmas Lunch attended by 16 members. Two groups of fishermen fishing in non-fishing area were engaged during walk patrol. One broken switch board found at the end of Crawford Bridge, suspected vandalism (see photos). With regards Fishing, we are seeing more fishing outside the authorised zones and increasing numbers on weekdays and weekends.  Illegal parking behind Kilo Restaurant was still bad on weekends especially with many cars parked along a continuous white line while there is a public paying parking area just 100 meters away. This is a common sighting and we strongly recommend the relevant authority to take more firm action managing the patrons of this restaurant. It appears unfair to see others parking in the paying parking area while others don’t.
Encourages disregard of our traffic laws.  (see photo).

On the Sunday afternoon, four members did bike patrol at Jurong Lakeside Garden. They picked up rubbish along the shore from boardwalk to the near end of Passion Wave and at inner side of Rasau Walk. A total of 8.5 kg rubbish was collected. A few fishermen fishing outside fishing zone were engaged and they complied. Unfortunately, our patrol had an incident with a member of the public. Report to be sent separately.

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