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Dear Friends,

WWS thanks all our supporters and partners over the past year 2019. Here’s to an equally great 2020 as we work harder and smarter to protect our waterways and environment together.

This week was the first week of 2020, we did one Kayak Waterways Clean-up for 20 students from NJC, with a total of 24kg collected by them. We cleared and cleaned trailer exhibit outside our premises and turned it into a nice seating area for our members (see photo).

At Punggol Waterways, three members did boat patrol on Wednesday and two members did buggy patrol on Friday. On Wednesday, there was foaming water discharged to the waterways just next to WWS office; believed from the nearby work site (see photo). Discarded shared bike was found very near to the waterway opposite to the PUB safety buoy station 33 (see photo). The water was relatively clean with 0.5 kg plastic rubbish picked up. During buggy patrol on Friday, solar equipment at car park near WWS office was found not working, already reported to NParks and Ngee Ann Poly(see photos).

Over the weekend, patrols were conducted on all three office sites. On Saturday morning, 8 members did bike patrol at Kallang Office. During the patrol, three cases of illegal fishing were engaged. Lots of litter was found at the various usual places: jetty next to dragon boat beach, stairs in front of Kallang Wave Mall, corner opposite volleyball playground, Tanjong Rhu Promenade and floating platform. All of these rubbish were plastics and cans (see photos). Especially at Costa Rhu area, plenty of plastic cups were found on the grass near lamppost P1-2 18, highly likely thrown out from the Condo (see photos). We suggest maybe Npark or NEA would like to talk to Costa Ruh MCST to investigate the case.

On the Saturday afternoon, eight members did bike patrol at Punggol Waterways. The waterway was clean and quiet with 0.5kg plastic litter collected and no sighting of wild animal. One fishing engagement was given to two regular Chinese whom were engaged a few times before. A pail filled with water left unattended below the fountain in front of Waterways Point Mall and choked drain with stagnant water was found near lamp post E7-3/E205 (see photos), both may lead to mosquito breeding. There was also water ponding near lamp post E9-7/T140, reported to Npark (see photo). What’s more, one Chinese youth was sighted riding his illegal modified PMD travelling at very high speed past our office. Members tried to wave him down to slow down but he totally ignored our instruction. There were other users in the park walking with kids present(see photos).

Coming to Sunday, 13 members conducted both bike and boat patrol at Kallang and five new members did orientation. A few cases of fishing engagement were given, details see PUB fishing report. Other than that, a broken bike was abandoned near lamp post A159 (see photo). One male Malay was spotted casting net with many fish caught on Sir Arthur’s Bridge, lamp post A3/34. The man seemed drunk, so patrol leader friendly advised him casting net is not allowed and informed all members to avoid him. His net that still in water was cut off by boat patrol and 5 fish rescued. His camp stay equipment and cooking staff found near lamppost A3 34, alcohol bottles left around as well(see photos). Proceeding the patrol, members engaged a few groups of party goers to remind them anti-littering and leave no trace (see photos).

On the Sunday afternoon, eight members conducted boat patrol and bike patrol at Jurong Lakeside Garden. The water was generally very clean without visible signs of trash and the park was also relatively cleaner than previous weeks with only 3 kg rubbish collected. During bike patrol members advised 3 anglers fishing at the rocky area next to fishing platform to continue their activity on the platform for their own safety, they complied.

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