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Dear Friends,

This was another ‘quiet week’ for WWS due to the ongoing  situation, but we are slowly resuming our activity with precaution measures taken. Weekdays and weekend patrols were still conducted with small groups. One CLC Talk was given to 33 participants on Friday, outside Punggol container office. On Saturday afternoon, we conducted one Kayak Clean-up Program for 36 pax from the Singapore Buddhist Mission (Youth). They collected 13kg of trash from the water. 

On Wednesday at Punggol, four members conducted a boat patrol and at the same time conducted boat training for two of the new drivers. During the patrol, the Punggol Waterways were quiet and clean. Only 0.25kg of litter was picked up and no sighting of illegal fishing and wild animals. 

On Saturday morning, five members did bike patrol at Kallang and four members came to do gardening. Littering was sighted increasingly at public places by patrol members, such as around Sports Hub, Floating Platform and Flyer. At Pebble Bay Park, one guard rail is slightly deformed (see photo). Another four did Gardening plus one in Admin. In the afternoon, the weekend patrol for Punggol resumed with two members doing bicycle patrol. They picked up 0.5kg of litter and engaged park lamp post contractor to dispose of the used wires properly. There was no sighting of illegal fishing or wild animals, but benches under Punggol Road Bridge were stained with pigeon dropping.

On Sunday morning, five members did bike patrol at Kallang. Two other members did warming up and maintenance of all our six boats and one in Admin. They found a reasonable amount of trash along the patrolling route, particularly the area of Kallang Riverside park near Nicoll Highway MRT Station. Lots of park users enjoying their picnic. Three individuals were sighted fishing outside the fishing zone, one in front of Flyer and two under Benjamin Shears Bridge near YOG park. They also observed algae growth at the bay in front of One Marina Boulevard. However, in the afternoon, lots of litter was left by picnickers at the area behind the WWS office (see photos). What’s more, a lady was sighted encouraging her dog to swim in the reservoir (too late for engagement). Perhaps we should include signage- No Swimming here. 

In the afternoon, boat patrol and boat training was conducted at Jurong Lake. In total seven members were involved and used two boats. The water of Jurong Lake was generally clean. They sighted some young boys fishing outside the fishing zone.

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