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Dear Friends,

The week remains quiet with no school or corporate programs. However, WWS did some housekeeping work at all our three offices. We did regular maintenance for all of the bicycles at Kallang HQ on Tuesday and Thursday (continuing week after) and did realignment and repairs for the pontoon of Punggol on Friday. In addition, we had 3 members at Punggol do additional housekeeping on Saturday due to rain and another 5 at lakeside doing more housekeeping on Sunday for the office and pontoon. For Marina, we had 7 members doing bike patrol and one local new member joining for bike orientation on Saturday including 3 doing Gardening.  Sunday, another new local member joining the bike patrol of nine members. 

This Sunday, we celebrate World Water Day. Waterways held a symbolic Kayak Clean-up with 5+2 members and a public foot cleanup around the Immigration Office and Kallang Riverside Park with 5 public participants (original 10 signups) with 2 members leading. In total, 8.8kg of litter was collected by the foot clean-up event. In addition, 2 other members were doing admin.  All duties and programs were conducted with proper social distancing and compliance with our SOP. (see photos).

During the Saturday patrol, members engaged a fisherman fishing on the Jetty next to Dragon Boat Nursery Beach and introduced WWS to him. The patrol also sighted lots of plastics rubbish stuck within the plants along the water edge in front of Spots Hub (see photo- reported and cleared by Cleaners). Along the route heading towards Passion Wave@ Marina Bay Sand and Coast Rhu Park, lots of litter was thrown just near the dustbin (see photos).  Near to Passion Wave, members noticed a PUB signage was very loose and shaky and they fixed it after reporting to PUB(see photos). Proceeding the patrol, many bags of rubbish were left at the roadside next to the cooling tower of MBS and Shears bridge (see photo).

On Sunday morning, members patroled from Stadium and Jalan Benan Kapal. They found a small amount of trash along the route, but there was a lot of litter in the Kallang River near the HDB flat at Tg Rhu (see photo). They also engaged two fishermen at the Kallang Riverside Park fishing zone, using live bait. The fishermen complied at the moment but continued after our members left.

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