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Dear Friendly,

On 19th June, Friday, Singapore moved to post CB Phase II. This weekend, we resumed weekend patrols at three office locations – Kallang, Jurong and Punggol, but the scale was kept with groups of  five per activity  and only leaders were invited for the first round. The purpose of inviting leaders first is to brief them on safety measures and SOP of conducting patrols during this post CB period. Wearing a mask and safe distancing was strictly enforced. Approval of PUB and Nparks received.

On Saturday, bike patrol was canceled at Kallang due to the heavy rain. After Safety briefing was done (by group)for the 11 members present, two leaders went out for kayak patrol and they picked up 16kg litter from Marina Reservoir(see photos). Boat Patrol had four members and they sighted litter in our waterways as well. Five Bike leaders did not go out. There were two other admin staff present on Sat. Besides the Safety Officer. 

Three leaders conducted a bike patrol at Punggol Waterways after Safety Briefing.  During the patrol, they found that lots of cigarette buds discarded next to the wall fountain shelter (see photos). There were serious flooding and water ponding next to the lamp post E7-D/W20-8.  Believe drainage blocked (see photos). Bad Algae bloom happened from under the Jewel Bridge towards Waterway Points SC (see photos). During the patrol, no fishing and smoking offences were sighted. No wild animal was sighted as well. They picked up 0.5kg in total. 

On Sunday, bike patrol was again canceled due to rainy weather at Kallang, all leaders went on boats after their Safety Briefing by our Safety Officer. Three boats were used and each boat had only one captain and one or two passengers. Total on boats – 8.  They found lots of trash and spotted many large plastic bags in water along the Tanjung Rhu area (see photo). However, the boat patrol was cut short due to the heavy rain. There were two admin staff present and Safety Officer.

On Sunday afternoon, five members conducted a bike patrol at Jurong Lakeside garden after Safety Briefing. Before the patrol started, one public was playing RC boat near our pontoon. Reported to PUB and engaged the public (at the request of PUB). The person (chinese mid 40s)complied and left.  During the patrol, they picked up one face mask in front of the Fusion Spoon restaurant. There were three boys fishing at slope next to the authorized zone. Advise them that  the slope is dangerous and slippery. The park was quiet and clean.

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