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Dear Friends,

Hope all of you are progressing well after the resumption during Phase II. This week, WWS completed our on-site financial audit.  At the same time, we are promoting our virtual programs and free 20-min online talks. So far we are happy to share that we have two schools confirmed for virtual Assembly Talk with us, and RBC has confirmed a virtual River Monster Junior Program conducting next week. We are waiting for Corporates to take up our Free on-line talk. The virtual Dragon Boat Game, collaborated with DBI, was also very successful, all registration fees donated to Waterways Watch Society.  Thank you DBI. 

We were also  back in full swing this weekend at all three locations however with restricted numbers as per Phase II guidelines. A total of 45 members attended the patrols over two days.  On Saturday we did bike patrol with 5 members and launched 2 boats (2 and 3 on each boat), 

While in the afternoon 5 kayakers did clean-up at Marina Reservoir. Bike patrol members  (5) found lots of litter scattered along Tanjong Rhu Park (see photos) and lots of trash (mostly plastic bottles) under Benjamin Sheares Bridge (see photos). There were a lot of bear cans in front of Flyer and a bag of bear bottles found under the opposite side of Benjamin Sheares Bridge(see photos). Unfortunately, disposable masks also picked-up along the patrol route.  

As for the boat patrol, many bottles floated near Tg Rhu Pebble Bay and outside the art museum (see photos). Kayakers picked up 21kg litters, bike patrol collected 8kg and boat patrol collected 10kg. In total, 39kg rubbish was collected at Kallang just for Saturday Patrols. 

At Punggol, 3 members did bike patrol in the afternoon and they collected 2.5kg. They found a lot of litter on the platforms next to the wall fountain (see photos). Water ponding near lamp post E7-D/W20-8 reported last week still being sighted. (see photo). Bad Algae bloom from under the Jewel Bridge towards Waterway Points SC, similar to report as last week.  Brownish water seen,  suspected to be discharge from nearby construction sites.

On Sunday, at Marina, 5 members went on bike patrol, 3 members went on boat patrols,  3 members did gardening, and there were also 3 admin staff plus 1 safety officer present. Litter was picked by bike patrol members, from near the duck tour launching area and near the Flyer (see photos). tTotal of 4.5 kg collected. There was also rubbish inside nets of the Floating Platform (see photo). In addition, a few disposed masks were picked up around the Marina patrol route. 

 (see photos). As for boat patrol, they picked up 7kg litter, mainly plastic bags, from Singapore River and Geylang River. In our CIB garden, the gardening team did maintenance work (see photos). 

In the afternoon, lakeside had 5 members on bike patrol and 4 members went on boat plus 1 admin. The park was quiet and only 0.5kg of litter was collected. 

All patrols reported more litter being sighted and collected. Collection over the weekend at all three sites was 53.5 kg. Safety Measures were complied with during our weekend patrols.

For Punggol and Lakeside we need to repair two of our boats due to engine problems. Marina had four of our boats serviced and minor repairs done. Total of 6 boats needing servicing and repairs. Our Buggy at Marina also has some problems and is unable to start.

We are also pleased to share that at Marina Office we have installed a portable disinfection chamber (donated by our key partner Emarco) and this will be made available to all members and visitors on a voluntary basis.(See photos).

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