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Dear Friends,

WWS continues to actively promote our virtual programs. We have done a very successful virtual River Monster Junior program for staff families of RBC. We are also getting active responses from schools and corporates for the virtual talks. To prepare for the kayak clean-up program in the future, we did a briefing on safety measures during kayak clean-up for our kayak leaders on Thursday (see photos). We are also planning to develop virtual tours for our major waterways to offer to schools.

With the relaxing regulations during Phase II, increasing cases of illegal fishing have been sighted  around the Marina Reservoir. A lot.

At midnight, many gathering and fishing along jetty outside the WWS office and even net casting at Kallang Riverside Park. Favourite location below the nichol highway bridge and evidence of littering after they leave. 

This week, weekday duty at Punggol and bike orientation for new members resumed. On Wednesday, four members cleaned two boats and pontoon at Punggol (see photos).

On Saturday morning, seven members and three new members did their orientation on bike patrol in two separate groups. During the patrol, members sighted lots of illegal fishing and littering. Patrol members observed very poor habits of the public: leaving the rubbish just a few steps away from the dustbin (see photos). At Costa Rhu area, near lamppost L2/S7, a bag of beer bottles were found on the grass (see photos). Two drug bottles were picked up at Costa Rhu and near the Duck Tour Launching area (see photos). In total, they picked up 3kg litter. 

On Saturday afternoon, three members did bike patrol and another group conducted bike patrol orientation for two new members. The two groups did separate routes. During the patrol, they spotted one stray dog near Piermount EC development. Cigarette buds and a lot of litters discarded next to the wall fountain (see photos). In front of the wall fountain, one metal edge of the stair came off (see photos). One shared bike was discarded under the stair of the wall fountain (see photo). The water in the canal between waterway sundew and waterway sunray estate leading to Coney island is a brownish color (see photos). There were a few bags of litter thrown near lamppost E18-2 W-15 (see photos).

On Sunday morning, a total of 18 members came to Kallang office for duty. 8 kayakers did kayak patrol (in two groups), six members and one new member under orientation did bike patrols in two groups, and another three members did gardening (see photos). All three groups of patrol members reported at different times. Social distancing and wearing of masks as required by our safety measures SOP.  Probably due to the heavy rain in previous days, kayakers picked up 49kg litters from water. Similar to Saturday, Sunday groups also sighted many  illegal fishing around the Marina Reservoir. They also found a spoiled fishing rod in the pavilion behind the fishing zone near Sir Arthur Bridge (see photos). Lots of trash was found along the Kampong Kayu area. Two masks were picked during patrol (see photos). At Kampong Bugis car park, 3 men carried 4 bags of live fish and going to release into the water (see photos). Members told them it is not allowed by PUB, they complied and moved off. In total, group 1 picked 6kg, and group 2 picked up 1kg of trash. 

In the afternoon, 3 members cleaned boats at Jurong Lakeside Garden and 5 members went for bike patrol (see photos). Litters were found left behind by the public at Spotlight WN2-4 L2S1 T6 N2. There were a few masks along the footpath (see photos). Unfortunately, bike patrol and boat cleaning ended earlier due to the rain. In total, they picked up 4kg of litters.

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