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Dear Friends,

This week WWS conducted three programs in total: Virtual Talk for 240 students from Woodlands Ring Primary School, Virtual Talk for 40 Amex staff, and CSR Bike Clean-up Program for 12 Salesforce Staff (see photos). 

Two members went plogging at Marina Reservoir on Monday. They started from Kallang HQ and ran towards Singapore Flyer. A total of 6 kg of cigarette butts and plastic wastes were picked up around every pavilion and under Benjamin Sheares Bridge (see photos). On Wednesday, six members did boat patrols in Punggol Waterways, two boats were used (see photos). Waters that day was found to be generally clean. On Saturday, 5 members did bike patrol at Marina Reservoir (see photo).  Some cans were found at the embankment in front of Flyer (see photos). There were also plastic bottles and other litters scattered along Tanjong Rhu Road (see photos).  In the afternoon, 4 members did a bike patrol, another leader did a bike orientation for one new member while another member plus one new member did boat orientation in Punggol (see photos). Cigarette butts and a lot of litters was discarded next to the wall fountain shelter again, and rubbish was also seen near the edge in front of the Waterway Point Mall (see photos). One very dirty shared bike was discarded next to the rubbish bin at lamppost E16-B/W-52 (see photos). There were some medicine bottles and one thermometer discarded at lamppost E14-1-C/E-25 (see photos). The area under Punggol Road Bridge still stained with pigeon’s droppings, although Npark had put up notices of no feeding of birds (see photos). In total, 3kg of litter picked up on land and 1kg of litter picked up from the water, and 8 masks picked up around Punggol Waterway Park (see photos). 

Sunday patrol was canceled this week due to the National Day, but 9 members conducted a kayak patrol and 3 members on the boat (see photos). They spotted many fishermen outside the approved fishing zone. There was often evidence of littering below or around them (see photos). They collected 32 kg of litter from the waters.

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