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Dear Friends,

This week was a short week due to the public holiday on Friday.    On Monday, we did a Virtual Assembly Talk for 7 classes (200 plus) from Crest Secondary School and received positive feedback from the teacher. 

On Saturday morning, 6 members did two bike patrols at Kallang, they reported at different times (3 per team) and went in different directions. Litter was still found at the usual places: jetty next to dragon boat beach, Tanjong Rhu Promenade under Benjamin Sheares Bridge, and embankment in front of Flyer (see photos). They also noticed more litter in the stagnant water in front of Sports Hub (see photos). Plastic bottles and cans were also found on the grass beside the canal opposite Jin Batu (see photos). Cigarette boxes were thrown around a bench near Pebble Bay Tanjong Rhu PI (see photos). In the afternoon, 7 members perform duty at Punggol, 2 new members did bike patrol orientation and 2 new members did boat patrol orientation (see photos). Cigarette butt and rubbish were thrown again under stairs near the water fountain (see photos). Near lamppost E18-2 M-11, one Mobike was discarded under the bridge (see photo). Members noticed that some benches were covered by overgrown grass (see photos). Illegal fishing and feeding of fish and birds were observed. During this patrol, 9 masks and a few bags of rubbish (in total 14 kg) were picked-up (see photos). 

On Sunday morning, we had three groups of patrol: 2 members and 2 new members under orientation did a patrol on foot, 2 members and 2 new members did boat patrol and 4 members did bike patrol. Another 2 members came to do gardening. At the overhead bridge of Kallang Park connector near Crawford St, one stack of batteries was left on the edge of the bridge and one was found under the trees opposite the bridge, members disposed of them (see photos). Foot patrol group was picking up along Kallang Park Connector, 5 kg (including batteries) litter was found around fish zone next to Sir Arthur Bridge, including many beer cans(see photos). The bike patrol took a different direction with the foot patrol, they heading to Flyer first. They found a mess at pavilion 9 near the Flyer (see photos). Used masks were picked up throughout the patrol and lots of illegal fishing around Marina Reservoir was spotted. Boat patrol moved towards Singapore River, 0.7 kg of litters of collected but no mask in water (see photos). In total, 11.7 kg of litter and 10 masks were collected.

In the afternoon, 9 members performed duty at Jurong Lakeside Garden and 3 new members did their orientation. They had 2 groups on bike, each group 4 people and one group of 4 on boat (see photos). Bike patrol group found one Jerry Can, many cables, and pipes in front of Fusion Spoon. They also picked up 2 rubbish bags from water at Rasau walk (see photos). No mask was found from the park and in the water this time. In total, 2.5 kg of litter was collected.

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