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Dear Friends,

This week we conducted a foot clean-up program for 9 staff from Colliers International at Kallang. Although the program ended early due to the heavy rain, they still picked up 84.5kg of litter, including one discarded office chair (see photos). We also have a few more programs and virtual talks booking over the next two weeks. We are very happy and pleased to have received approval from Sports SG. on the use of Double SOT Kayaks. Marketing for this can proceed but with the restricted numbers as per our guidelines. All participants must be pre-advised of our health measurement requirements and full compliance when at Wws. We thank Sports SG for their support and approval.

Weekday patrol at Punggol was cancelled due to the heavy rain. On Saturday morning, we sent 2 bike patrols out. 6 members and 2 new members did orientation. Litter was still found at the usual places: jetty next to Dragon Boat Beach, in front of Sports Hub, along Tg Road Park and in front of Flyer (see photos). Especially, lots of cigarette butts thrown under Benjamin Sheares Bridge and on the embankment in front of Flyer In the afternoon, also 6 members and 2 new members went for 2 bike patrols at Punggol, another 2 members and 1 new member (orientation)went on boat. The fallen metal strip of a step has not been restored near the wall fountain (see photos). Area underneath the Punggol Road Bridge was still heavily stained by pigeon droppings (see photos). Near the station 39, there were 27 dead fishes floating in the water and the nearby drainage was blocked by debris (see photos). There were 2 teanagers fishing near Waterway Sundew. They were informed no fishing allowed and they left. At our Container Office, another two ladies were seen releasing fishes opposite WWS container office (see photos).

 The boat patrol group also collected many litters in the Waterway Point area, mostly beer cans and plastic bottles (see photos). In total, they picked up 8kg of litter (mostly tissue paper and plastic waste) and 6 masks along Punggol Waterways (see photos). 

On Sunday Morning, at Kallang, we had 2 boat patrols and 2 bike patrols. A total of 12 members present including 6  new members under orientation, additional 2 members did gardening (see photos). Litter was picked up from several pavilions and along the footpath: at pavilion 4 and 5, the path towards duck tour launching jetty. Lots of litter was found again in front of Flyer and under the Benjamin Sheares Bridge (see photos). The car park under Blk 9 Jalan Batu was again dirty, cleaned by members (see photos). During the patrol, 17 fishermen fishing outside the authorised zone were spotted along Kallang River, and two young boys fishing along Singapore River were spotted by bike patrol who had been engaged by boat patrol once earlier. In total, 13kg of litter and 9 masks were collected. 

In the afternoon of Sunday,  2 new members did their boat orientation accompanied by one captain and one leader at Jurong Lake, another 6 members did bike patrols in 2 groups (see photos). CEO Eugene visited Lakeside that afternoon.  Boat patrol did not find much litter along the route, but picked up one face mask which was floating in front of PassionWave and one beer can together with a bag of food waste near Science Center. Between the Passion Wave and the boardwalk in front of WWS, there were lots of floating empty cans in water and on shore (see photos). In total, 9 kg of litter and 3 masks were picked up from land and water.

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