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Dear Friends,

This week we conducted our first program at Kallang after CB. IPG had a CSR kayak clean up program with 20 participants, and they collected 84.5kg of litter (see photos). Quite dirty waters seen nowadays. 

On Wednesday, three members were on duty at the Punggol office. They did some work on our pontoon to make it more secure (see photos).

This weekend we had bike and boat patrols at all three locations: Kallang, Punggol, and Jurong Lakeside. On Saturday morning, 7 members conducted two bike patrols and 3 new members did orientation at Kallang, five people in one group, and reported at different timing.  Members found two used masks and two plastic bags containing water, tied to the railing under Merdeka Bridge next WWS office (see photo). We strongly suspect these may be left behind by some fishing (outside approved zone). A lot of litter was also found under Sir Arthur’s Bridge Geylang Rd side (see photos).  There appears to be people regularly gathering here n leaving behind their litter.  Around the Spots Hub area, littering was common and the water edge was dirty (see photos). Same as last week, Costa Rhu Park and the jetty in front of the Flyer was again full of rubbish (see photos). Beer cans were also frequently found around the Reservoir (see photos). In total, they collected 2 kg of litter and 8 pieces of masks (see photos).

In the afternoon, four members and two new members did their orientation and we sent out bike patrols in two groups. They reported sighting two Chinese youth smoking near the walking path next to Punggol Waterways Point (See photos), and lots of cigarette butts were discarded next to the water fountain shelter (see photos). There was an abandoned kid scooter near lamppost E8-C W-249 and a Cold Storage trolley near lamppost E18-2 M-11 (see photos). The benches below Punggol Road Bridge were still stained with bird droppings and left over  food (see photos). Fish feeding with bread was also spotted between Jewel Bridge and Waterways Point (see photos). In addition, the water in the canal between Jewel Bridge and the Waterway Point is still greenish color (see photos).

On Sunday morning, 2 members did gardening; 9 members and 1 new member under orientation conducted bike patrols in two groups, and 5 members and 2 new members doing orientation conducted two boat patrols (see photos). A lot of Litter was picked up along the whole patrol route. Trash underneath Sir Arthur’s Bridge indicate a sign of homestay (see photos). There was a mess around Pavilion 9 in front of the Flyer (see photos). Further down the road, at the jetty closer to Benjamine Shearer’s bridge, rubbish left behind again, which was just cleaned by Saturday groups (see photos). In front of the Customs House, two young men caught a big fish (see photos), illegal fishing was spotted frequently around the Reservoir throughout the patrol. Besides, there was a lot of rubbish along the stretch next to F1 pit and at the car park under Blk 9 Jalan Batu(see photos). On their way back, one group of park users set up a BBQ fire using charcoal in the pavilion next to Bougainvillea shelter (see photos). Patrol leader and one member engaged them politely and they complied. In total, 10.5 kg of litter and 11 masks were picked up.  

In the afternoon, 6 members went out for bike patrol and 1 new member did bike orientation. They grouped in 4 and 3 and reported at different times. They spotted one family using a net to catch fish opposite Fusion near lamp post WN2-4 and some illegal fishings. At passing Rasau Walk, members picked up some plastic rubbish stuck in the mud. In total, they picked up 2 kg litter, mainly plastic and 1 used mask.

The Waterways Watch is extremely concerned with the increasing amount of litter being sighted and picked up along all our patrol routes in our three office areas. While this could be due to the shortage of Cleaning Contractors, it shows that we still have a litter problem and bad social behaviour around.  Enforcement and more effective educational programs are very much needed otherwise this could cost Singapore plenty if unchecked. The photos shared is telling enough.

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