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Dear Friends,

This week was a quiet week, no program was conducted. On Saturday morning, six members came for duty at Marina/Kallang. There were 2 new members who came for bike patrol orientation and 3 new members came for boat patrol orientation (see photos). The boat patrol group picked up litter at Kallang River and Singapore River, about 2 kg of cans and plastic bags in total (see photos). The bike patrol group 1 headed to the Sports Hub area. They found litter settled in the plants near the edge of the water in front of Kallang Wave Mall and some plastic bags on the stairs outside the Indoor Stadium (see photo).  At Tanjong Rhu Promenade, lots of cans and bottles were thrown outside railings and around benches of Pebblebay Park (see photos). Near the Benjamin Sheares Bridge, a few glass beer bottles were thrown outside the Passion Wave pontoon gate (see photos). The embankment under the bridge was also littered with cigarette butts and cans (see photos). Continuing the patrol, group 1 moved across the Barrage and reached Benjamin Sheares Bridge at MBS side. There was massive littering of cigarette butts under the MBS Flyover as well (see photos). As for bike patrol group 2, they headed to F1 pit first and picked a lot of plastic bottles and aluminum cans along F1 track (see photo). In total, group 1 picked 3 kg of litter, and group 2 picked 3 kg of littler plus 8 masks.

In the afternoon, 5 members and 2 new members did 2 boat patrols at Punggol Waterways (see photos). They picked 6.5 kg of the litter with 5 masks in the water and 1 on land (see photos). They also sighted four illegal PMDs with one food delivery speeding in Punggol Waterway Park (see photo). 

On Sunday morning, 13 members turn up for duty at Kallang and 2 new members under bike patrol orientation (see photos). There were 6 members and the 2 new members went bike patrol in two groups and the rest went 2 boat patrols (see photos). The fishing zone next to Rochor River was very dirty (see photos). Moving on, at the fishing zone next to Sir Arthur’s Bridge, lots of8 rubbish scattered around the grass patch (see photos). PUB newly put up a small rubbish bin at the fishing zone for fishermen to throw fishing hooks and lines. However, members found it was full of cans and other rubbish. Members removed some rubbish to give space (see photos). They spotted one lady littering at Kallang Riverside Park, the leader gave anti-littering engagement and the lady picked up the litters. The second group of bike patrol went in the direction of Flyer and picked up many beer cans and glass bottles along the embankment (see photos). They then moved towards the Esplanade and picked up litter around Merlion park (see photos). As for boat patrols, they picked up litter from water in the area around Pebble Bay, more rubbish due to washing down by rain in the morning. They moved toward the Singapore River and picked up on the way. In total, 5.5kg of litter plus 1 mask was picked up from the water and 6.5 kg of litter plus 1 mask was picked up on land.

On Sunday afternoon, 7 members did bike patrol at Jurong Lakeside Garden in two groups (see photos). They found lots of rubbish near the PA water venture and the viewing deck after Play Pavilion (see photos). One Jerry Can was left in the water near the walking bridge (see photo). There were also lots of rubbish near Rasau Walk. In total, 8 kg of litter and 5 masks were picked up from the park (see photos).

We also thank PUB for the meeting on Friday and the meaningful discussion. Covered discussion includes Fishing Authoritt Card, Upstream Kayak Tour And our proposed Pedal Boat Drink Stall.

We will also be having a Zoom Meeting next week with LTA on the PMD Authority Card.

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