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This was the last week of the month of Aug. We had a total of 27 new members application. During the month, 15 new members completed their orientation. This week we did four programs in total: three Virtual Assembly Talk for Greendale Primary School (240 pax), Shuqun Primary School (240 pax) and St Anthony’s Primary School (40pax), and 20 staff from Colliers International Singapore did CSR waterways cleanup program on foot and bike. During Foot and Bike Waterway Cleanup, Colliers employees collected a total of 

108 kg of litter in total. 

Weekday boat patrol at punggol was conducted on this Wednesday with 5 members and 2 boats used. The waterways was generally clean on that day and only 1.5 kg of litter was collected (see photos).

On Saturday morning at Marina, 5 members turned up for duty, there were also 3 new members doing bike orientation and 2 new members doing their boat orientation. Unfortunately, the patrols ended early due to the heavy rain. The bike patrol group went up to Flyer and picked up 1kg along the way, and the boat patrol picked up 7.3 kg at Kallang River (see photos). All patrols at Punggol in the afternoon were canceled due to bad weather.

On Sunday morning, there were 13 members who came for patrol duty. Besides normal members bike n boat patrol,  another 2 new members did bike patrol orientation and 3 more new members did boat patrol orientation (see photos). That sunday we had two boat and two bile patrols out. In addition, Garden Crew had 2 members doing gardening. One Boat patrol went up Singapore River and they picked 5 kg of litter along the way: many cans floating around the area outside WWS and plenty of plastic bags in front of the UOB building (see photos). Five members took another boat and patrol towards Kallang River. They picked up a bulk of trash along the riverbank, mainly plastic bags and small disposable single-use plastics (see photos). At Kolam Ayer ABC Waterfront, the riverbank and platforms were heavily littered with trash.  However, these were not within the reach of the WWS boat team. In total, they collected 20kg of trash. On the other hand, two bike patrols moved out in different directions. Bike patrol group 1 went towards Marina Bay Sand and spotted some rubbish along with Singapore Flyer (see photos). They also spotted two baskets of the shared bikes at the nearby Marina Boulevard area; they left them beside the rubbish bin (see photos). Along the Tanjong Rhu area, there were some plastic bottles and cans on the grass patch. As for bike patrol group 2, they started patrol from Kallang Riverside Park. They spotted 7 used disposable face masks and 3 used cloth gloves along the journey from Kallang Park Connector to Kampong Batu (see photos). Plenty of litters were found along the Dragon boat practice area, mostly beer cans and plastics with black color foam (see photos). In total, bike patrol group 1 picked up 1.5 kg, group 2 picked up 6kg plus 7 masks, and 3 cloth gloves.

On Sunday afternoon, 3 members did a bike patrol at Jurong Lakeside Garden, 2 members and 1 new member did boat orientation  (see photos). The Jurong Lake water was clean, only 1 kg of litter was picked up from the water and no mask spotted. The bike patrol group picked up 2kg of plastic waste near the walking bridge, and 5 kg of plastic bottles and cans near the Passion Wave walkway (see photo). They also spotted one yellow trash rubbish bag with ants left unattended at the walking bridge near Fusion Spoon Restaraunt and found 2 masks near the Passion Walkway. 

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