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Dear Friends,

This Sunday was our Annual General Meeting. This was the first year that we held our AGM online. Although we had some technical issues that need to be improved, overall we received a positive response from our members attending. In total, more than 60 members attended the AGM online and in office, and this was the highest attendance on record (see photos). We will hope to have increased participation from our members in the future.

This week, we conducted three programs: Pedal Boat Cleanup for 9 teachers under NIE training; CSR Bike, and Foot Waterway Cleanup for 28 staffs from Colliers, and another Foot Waterway Cleanup for 13 participants from Align Technology. In total, 138kg of litter was collected during programs this week. 

The regular Punggol weekday boat patrol was conducted on Thursday this week, with three members (see photos). The team picked up 0.5kg of litter from the Punggol Waterway and also did some housekeeping in the office. 

On Saturday morning, 2 new members came for bike patrol orientation, 5 new members for boat patrol orientation, and 11 existing members on duty (see photos). The bike patrol group found many beer cans at the breakwater near Merdeka Bridge (see photos). A lot of litter was floating in the water in front of the Sports Hub Volleyball Court (see photo). Under the Benjamins Bridge at North Bay, lots of cigarette butts and plastic bottles were thrown on the embankment (see photo). Also under Benjamins Bridge but near Ritz Carlton, one shared bike lied on the floor and a few plastic bottles were left around it (see photo). Boat patrols picked up litter along Kallang River and Singapore River (see photos). Unfortunately, the patrols were shorten due to the heavy rain and all members had to take shelter for an hour before returning.  In total, 9kg of litter was picked up.

Afternoon at Punggol, 3 members did a bike patrol and 2 members plus 2 new members did a boat patrol (see photos). Bike patrol groups found that plenty of cigarette butts, beer cans, and food leftovers were discarded at the wall fountain shelter again (see photos). They sighted one Chinese male smoking next to Waterway Point. The Luminous strip of the staircase came off at the wall fountain platform. Bird feeding and pigeon dropping still found under the Punggol Road Bridge (see photos). A total of 8 PMD sighted during this patrol, some riding excessive speed. One abandon shared bike found near lamp post E14-1-A (see photo). The boat patrol also found a lot of rubbish in the water near Sunrise Bridge (see photos). The loose boom near Jewel Bridge was not removed or fixed. In total, 3kg of litter was picked up, mostly plastics and cans, plus 6 discarded surgical masks.

There was no patrol on Sunday due to the AGM.

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