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Dear Friends,

This week was again a quiet week for WWS, we did one Virtual Assembly Talk for Angsana Primary School, for about 500 students. On Sunday afternoon, we also conducted a kayak training section and refresher course for members. A total of 13 members attended (see photos). They cleaned up the water edge area along Bay North and picked up 77kg of litter in total.

On Wednesday, 3 members did a boat patrol at Punggol Waterways (see photos). They picked up some litter from the water and also spotted litter left on the staircase next to Station 10 (see photos).

On Saturday morning, 11 members and 4 new members came to Marina for patrol. The two boat patrol groups moved towards Singapore River and picked up litter along the way. One shared bike was discarded on the embankment of Bay East (see photo). The water on Saturday morning was generally clean, otters and monitor lizards were spotted (see photos). In total, boat patrols picked up 7kg of litter. There were also two groups of bike patrol. First bike patrol went towards Gardens By the Bay and the second bike patrol moved towards the upper stream of Kallang River. Members of the first bike patrol group found lots of litter under Benjamins Sheares bridge in front of PA (see photos). The Kallang River bank was relatively clean except along Pelton Canal near PIE, some plastic bags and cans on the grass outside railing, which were probably left by fishermen (see photos). Litter was also found in front of the Flyer and near the Duck Tour launching area (see photos).

In the afternoon, 10 members went 2 bike patrols and 1 members plus 3 new members did boat orientation at Punggol Waterway Park (see photos). At the glass roof waterfall, there was damaged signage (missing screw) and damaged light. They also found 2 pails found on the glass roof panel (see photos). Moving along the Heritage Trail, members found lots of litter which was prone to be washed into water (see photos). Many litter, mostly cans and plastics, was picked up by bike patrol members from the Punggol Waterway Park and also 3 used masks (see photos). Pigeon droppings are everywhere under the Punggol Rd Bridge, there was even a dead pigeon on top of the pipe. There was still bird feeding despite the “no feeding” banner. The boat patrol also picked up some litter and one wallet from the water (see photos). The wallet was returned to the owner after patrol. They also spotted residents pouring water into the waterway and left the tank behind (see photos). Suspected he released fish or tortoise into the waterway. In total, Punggol patrols picked up 6kg of litter and 3 masks.

On Sunday morning, there were 15 members and 9 new members turned up for duty at Kallang office (see photos). They went out in 2 groups of bike patrol and 2 groups of boat patrol, plus two members did gardening. At the area in front of Flyer and area around the Floating Platform, the water generally clean. There were more rubbish in water when going upper of Singapore River (see photos). In total, 2 boat patrols picked up 14.5kg.  They spotted one damaged water level indication signages, near the staircase in front of the Fullerton Hotel area to Jiak Kim (see photos).  As for bike patrol groups, both groups picked up quite a lot of litter in front of Flyer, about 5.5kg in total and 2 mask (see photos). At the Bay Front South cruise booking office, many used cups were thrown under the bench (see photos). In total, 20kg of litter and 6 mask was picked up by Sunday patrol groups at Marina.

On Sunday afternoon, there were 8 members who came to Jurong Lakeside Garden (see photos). The water was quite clean, not much litter, only at the construction site was a bit muddy. This week many picnickers were back and more rubbish will be expected (see photo). Before the entrance of Rasau Walk, a bike patrol group found lots of rubbish and white stagnant water in between loops of Rasau Walk (see photos). In total, the bike patrol collected 10kg of litter and 4 masks from the Jurong Lakeside Garden (see photos). 

This week we also sighted an increased number of Crows. Not only disturbing our bins for food and messing the area but also leaving behind their poop on railings, public tables and benches, and our boats. This sight is common around our kallang office area and our pontoon.  Strongly suggest appropriate action by the relevant authority  (Nparks??).

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