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Dear Friends,

This week we gave two Virtual Assembly Talk for 1200 students from Naval Base Primary School and 40 students from Frontier Primary School. We also did our first Virtual WWE@Kallang for Frontier Primary School (20 students).

On Wednesday, 7 members turned up at Punggol and they did 1 bike patrol and 1 boat patrol. The Punggol Waterway water and the park were both clean, but they spotted more than 10 PMDs illegally parked along PCN at Waterway Point Mall.  We hope LTA can conduct some operation to rectify this. We also suspect some may not conform to the latest regulation- size and design.

On Saturday, there was heavy rain in the early morning. Fortunately, the rain stopped before patrol started and the weather was pleasant for the rest of the day. There were 2 new members coming for bike orientation and 5 new members undertaking their boat patrol orientation in two boats. Another 9 existing members came for duty and conducted 2 bike patrols and 2 boat patrols (see photos). Probably due to the heavy rain in the morning, the water was very dirty,  lots of trash around Clarke Quay, Robertson Quay, and between the F1 pit and  WWS pontoon area. The water condition was very muddy especially from the floating platform towards Robertson Quay. What’s more, lots of masks were found floating in the water. Plenty of litter accumulated in front of the Singapore River Cruise (see photos). Bike patrol found the water in front of the Volleyball Play Ground of Sports Hub very dirty as usual (Cleaners cleared after we reported to them). Lots of cans and cigarette butts were thrown on the embankment in front of Flyer (see photos). Additionally, water ponded just beside the duck tour launching ramp (see photo).  In total, 33kg of litter was picked up from land and water, and 25 masks picked up from the water.

In the afternoon, 5 members did bike patrol, and 1 member plus 2 new members did boat orientation at Punggol. Bike patrol spotted 15 PMDs at Waterways Point with 2 riders speeding along the footpath. In total, the bike patrol group picked up 4kg litters along the park, mostly plastics, empty cans, beer bottles, and 5 discarded masks (see photos). Under the Punggol Rd Bridge, pigeon dropping was still bad as usual and they found a dead pigeon this time (see photos). As for the boat patrol, they found lots of rubbish spotted under the bridge opposite 663a. They collected 2 kg in total. 

On Sunday morning, a total of 14 members turned up for duty. There were also 5 new members who came for boat orientation and 3 new members came for bike orientation. The water of Kallang Basin around F1 and Flyer and Singapore River was cleaner than Saturday. Boat patrol group spotted a fallen big tree near 95 Robertson Quay (see photo). In total boat patrol picked up 18.5kg of litter from water. On the other hand, the bike patrol group picked up lots of trash in front of Flyer and at the Kg Kayu Rd car park area, Jalan Kapal near Stadium Walk (see photos).  In total, bike patrol groups picked up 26 used masks and 21.5kg of litter.

In the afternoon, 3 members and 2 new members did a patrol on foot, and other 3 members plus 2 new members under boat orientation did a boat patrol (see photos). The Lakeside garden and Jurong Lake was generally clean, only little litter was collected, about 1.5kg from land and 1 kg from the water (see photos). 

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